Property in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Everything You Need To Know About Most Popular Area Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai is a dream city for many people across the world. And the reasons are many–ample enjoyment, luxurious lifestyle, and lucrative career opportunities, among other attractiveness.

People from all over the world flock to the magnificent city to make it their home. As a result, the proportion of the foreign population has increased significantly in Dubai, especially in the last few years.

Introduction to Dubai Silicon Oasis

If you are moving to the United Arab Emirates, staying in Dubai must be playing in your mind. And, we recommend that you stay in the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the preferable area in Dubai. Commonly, people call the area Silicon Oasis.

It is a beautiful suburb with a prevalence of technology and innovation and busy commercial activities. You can regard DSO as a well-developed business hub. Besides, it is a centrally-located community that blends business activities with enjoyable living. It has a free trade zone and bears the essential facilities for companies operating in the technology park.

Living in Dubai Silicon Oasis is enjoyable and dynamic. As the centrally-located community integrates living and working spaces, you can expect a holistic community lifestyle in DSO.

The scenario of Availability of Residential Properties

The element that will make your excitement manifold is the availability of affordable residential properties in the community. Given the affordability and facilities, DSO seems to be the best place to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates.

In DSO, you will find many residential properties with gated sub-communities that offer a broad range of accommodation options for individuals and families in a multi-cultural residential area.

DSO is a 7.2 million square-meter community with a perfect blend of residential, recreational, and commercial spaces. You get luxury and many perks by investing in a property in the community.

To help you spot the reasons to invest in a property in DSO, we list them as follows:

  • Multiple property developments with residential towers and gated villa communities
  • Ideal for all families and singles
  • Helps setting up business due to being the home to a technology park
  • Residential properties are with excellent facilities
  • Proximity to popular tourist destinations
  • Entails good RoI

It will be prudent to regard the community as a city within a city to create a mental visualization. And there are many perks of staying in DSO, which is a self-sufficient community.

In the community, you will get a balanced lifestyle, commercial spaces, and many residential properties. In addition, the expansive network of roads connects every corner of the community.

You can broadly divide DSO into three main parts: an innovative technology park, villa compounds, and residential towers.

DSO is also a hub for tech startups. Many young entrepreneurs choose to stay in the community to set up their own companies. As such, they prefer to rent or buy offices in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Besides, it is easy to specify Dubai Silicon Oasis directions due to the excellent road connectivity.

Many students moving to Dubai prefer staying in DSO due to its proximity to Academic City, only about five minutes away from the community. Students can get many buildings in DSO to rent studios. They can consider Silicon Gates, Binghatti Stars, or Palacio Towers. Affordable rents and prime locations make renting a property in DSO ideal for students.

Top Properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis

The focus of DSO establishment lies in facilitating the setting up of modern technology-based industries. Located in the free trade zone Dubai, the community has all the essential facilities for setting up and promoting business. Besides, you can regard the community as one of the best places to look for a property for rent in the UAE.

DSO has evolved into a popular residential area starting from a supportive infrastructure for tech startups. The community now draws the interests of both property investors and tenants. With a wide array of property types, people can quickly get new apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Even if you look for luxury apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis, you can quickly get one at an affordable rental price.

You can get many types of residential apartments in the community, from studios to 3-bedroom units. If you have a family, you can rent one of the 2-bedroom flats in DSO. And, if you want more extensive properties, you can choose to rent 3 to 5-bedroom villas and townhouses in the Cedre Villas Community Centre.

Most Popular Locations in Dubai Silicon Oasis

If a haven for property seekers exists in the UAE, it is undoubtedly DSO. However, with the ample availability of different types of properties, you might find yourself in a tizzy when you start looking at properties to buy or rent. Moreover, it can be challenging to choose the right location for you and your family to stay.

That is why we have described the following top locations in DSO to help you choose the correct location.

Silicon Gates and Axis Residences are famous among property investors and tenants. You can get the top-notch buildings for renting apartments in DSO. There are three residential blocks in Silicon Gates, where you will find studios and apartments of 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units. And the community has recreational and fitness facilities. You can quickly find Silicon Oasis Emirates accommodation.

While the sale prices of studios in Silicon Gates start from AED 250K, the prices for 1-bedroom flats starts at around AED 350K.

If you are looking for a property to rent it out, ensure you acquaint yourself with the  Dubai Tenancy Law.

If you are on a budget, you can consider Axis Residence, which is gaining popularity. Here, you can find a one-bedroom flat for rent at around AED 25K per annum. And if you want to buy an apartment, you should be ready to spend around AED 300K.

If you are looking for a larger property to buy, you can consider independent villas for sale.  Cedre Villas is the only freehold community in Silicon Oasis. It has luxurious 3, 4, and 5-bed villas for sale in Silicon Oasis.

Binghatti Apartments and Arabian Gates are good communities to look for apartments to buy or rent. In Arabian Gate, you will see commercial spaces in addition to residential properties.

The Nearby Facilities

DSO has all the essential facilities to make your life convenient. In the community, you get:


DSO has two hotels: Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments Dubai Silicon Oasis and Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis. While the former is a 4-star hotel, the latter is a 3-star budget hotel in the community.

Parking Space

There are parking places in most buildings. Additionally, many public parking spaces are available in the community. Most of the public parking places are paid. Villas have reserved parking spaces for up to two cars, but that will depend on the size of the villa you select.

Public Transportation

The public transportation system in DSO is well-developed. Rashidiya is the nearest metro station and is around 20 minutes away. There are also many public bus stands where buses stop at regular intervals. You can also get taxis and rent a car in Dubai Silicon Oasis.


With many grocery stores, corner shops, and supermarkets in DSO, you can easily shop for groceries and essential items.


DSO has many nurseries such as Emirates British Nursery and British Orchard Nursery. In addition, children in the early years go to GEMS Wellington Academy, one of the excellent schools in the UAE. The school offers the UK and IB curriculum.

Other schools near DSO are GEMS Modern Academy. Kings School Nad Al Sheba and Venus International School.

Ample education options are available for young students residing in the community. DSO is near to the Academic City, which has many internationally accredited universities. The options can include Murdoch University in Dubai, Herriott-Watt University, and the University of Wollongong. Moreover, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a reputed New York-based institute offering degrees in technology and business.

Healthcare Facilities

In DSO, there are many clinics in Dubai Silicon Oasis, including Magnum Gulf Medical Center, Aster Clinic, and Medicure Clinic. Moreover, despite no big hospitals existing in DSO, Fakeeh University Hospital in Academic City is accessible within a few minutes. Besides, DSO has many pharmacies.


In DSO, you are guaranteed a lavish lifestyle. Shopping can be great fun at the Cedre Villas Community Centre caters to the day-to-day shopping needs. In addition, you can dine out in one of the several restaurants. Notably, you can also head to the nearby Dubai Outlet Mall if you look for bargain shopping.

However, you need to drive a little further to enjoy the beach. For example, Jumeirah beach is 25-minutes away. Moreover, there are options for various activities, like cycling and swimming.

You kids can enjoy the Kids Jungle, an activity center in the Cedre Community Centre that hosts fun activities for kids. The activity center also allows parents to mingle with other resident families.

Dragon Mart 2 is the nearest cinema hall for watching movies. Also, DSO is near Global Village, which shows the best art shows and performances from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few relevant FAQs that can help you quench your curiosity in different aspects of DSO.

Is DSO a Free Zone?

It is a Free Zone and operates as one of Dubai’s most popular and affordable free zones. Notably, it offers incentives to all the companies in the DSO tech park.

How to reach DSO?

You can reach DSO in two ways if you are using public transport. First, take a metro to the Centrepoint Metro Station and then a taxi to DSO. Or you could take the metro to Centrepoint Metro Station and after that, a bus to reach DSO.

Is DSO Freehold?

In DSO, most residential properties for sale are on a leasehold basis. Meaning, investors can buy them for a 99-year lease. Cedre Villas is the only freehold community in DSO, and that is open to foreign ownership.


The bottom line is that purchasing a residential property in DSO is a prudent investment. If you stay on the property, you can give an excellent lifestyle to your family. Alternatively, if you buy a property for renting out, you can get a good RoI.