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What You Need To Know About Most Popular Area Dubailand

If you are relocating to Dubai and looking for an excellent place to live, you can consider Dubailand.

Before we explore the excellence of the place, let us have a roundabout of it.

Dubailand is a substantial residential development of Dubai properties. You can also regard it as a tourist destination due to the eye-catching views in the area.

Initially, it was proposed as a 2 billion square feet plan with residential, commercial and entertainment properties. But, eventually, it exceeded the initial goal and extended to 3 million square feet.

Today, Dubailand Dubai comprises many districts–Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club, Layan, Majan, Falcon City of Wonders, Living Legends, Dubailand Oasis, Villanova, Rukan, Tiger Woods and Al Waha. And that is not the end. Many multi-billion projects, like DAMAC Hills, are going on to increase property supply in the future.

You can get to see the Dubailand theme park, polo clubs, hotels and many accommodation options in Dubailand.

Due to the vibrancy prevailing all around, living in Dubailand is equivalent to living in a different city within Dubai.

The history of Dubailand goes like this. Tatweer launched it in October 2003. The initial plan was to build six themed worlds within the residential communities and attractions.

Eventually, the Dubai Properties Group took over the project and sub-divided it into several individual projects. And some projects are not part of the Dubailand project and are known by their names. But, some of the projects which were part of the original plan include Dubai Sports City, Dubai Motor City, Mudon and Arabian Ranches.

Dubailand is located near the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). It is one of the most popular areas in Dubai. Many foreigners prefer to buy properties in Dubailand.

Dubailand–the summary:

  • Has different types of apartments, villas and townhouses
  • Sprawls across multiple residential communities
  • Has over 50 visitor attractions
  • A growing investment hub
  • One of the freehold areas in Dubai
  • Has the Al Habtoor Polo & Resort Club and IMG Worlds of Adventure

The Rental Trends in Dubailand

In Dubailand, you can find properties ranging from affordable to luxurious units. Each property comes with excellent amenities that are ideal for families. The available properties include studios to 3-bedroom apartments, 2 to 6-bedroom independent villas, and 1 to 4-bedroom townhouses.

Studio apartments in Dubailand come with areas ranging from 400 square feet to 600 square feet. And 1-bedroom apartments in Dubailand come with areas between 750 square feet to 850 square feet.

There are also 2 and 3-bedroom luxurious apartments with around 1,600 square feet in area. Villas and townhouses are around 2,000 square feet in area. While more luxurious properties extend to 9,000 square feet in area.

You can also choose between a range of furnished and unfurnished properties for rent.

Moreover, you can find a series of luxury homes in Dubailand that are built according to the latest styles.

You have the option to choose a wide range of studios, 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, and spacious 4-bed apartments for rent in Dubailand.

A studio comes at an average rent of AED 22K per annum, which is affordable compared to other popular areas, such as Skycourts Towers, Winsdor Residence, and the Majan community.

The average rent for 1-bedroom apartments in Dubailand is AED 31K. If you are looking for a chiller free and brand new unit, the rent can go up to AED 50K for a 1,254 square feet 1-bedroom apartment.

If a 1-bedroom apartment cannot meet your needs, you can look for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Living Legends, Skycourts Towers, and Layan.

While rent for 2-bedroom apartments in Dubailand ranges from AED 32K to AED 70K, rent ranges from AED 62K to AED 84K for 3-bedroom apartments for rent.

If you like to live in closely-knit communities, renting a townhouse in Dubailand is an ideal choice.

At Al Habtoor Polo and Resort Club, dedicated to polo fans and players, you will find a collection of townhomes called The Residences, consisting of 3 to 4-bedroom units.

If you rent a 4-bedroom townhouse in Dubailand, you have to spend around AED 160K per annum as rent.

If you are among those who prefer a private residence, you can look for villas for rent in Dubailand, ranging from 2 to 6-bed units.

You can find many 2-bedroom villas in the Layan and Al Waha communities. The average rent for the villas is around AED 73k.

Likewise, you can find many 3-bedroom villas as parts of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. And the rents for the villas range from AED 140K to AED 170K, and you can get world-class amenities in the villas.

If you are looking for larger properties and can spend more, you can go for a 4-bedroom villa. Such villas are spread across different communities at different rents.

In Layan, you will find the most affordable villas that come at around AED 135K as the annual rent. But, at the same time, the luxury villas can come at rents within AED 185K to AED 550K.

If you want to rent a 5-bedroom villa, you must spend between AED 125K to AED 200K per annum. Such villas are available in the Dubailand Falcon City of Wonders.

While renting a luxurious 6-bedroom villa in Dubailand will entail around AED 146K as rental expenditure on average.

Sales Trends in Dubailand

Dubailand is a freehold area. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a property, there are many developments for you. You can choose from many property types, including excellent apartments for sale in Dubailand.

You can find freehold studios at the Skycourts Towers. And the sale prices are as low as AED 322K.

While the sale prices of 1-bedroom apartments in Dubailand range from AED 280K to AED 862K, that for 2-bedroom apartments is AED 620K on average.

If you want to buy a 3-bedroom apartment in Dubailand, you need to spend around AED 1M.

You can also consider freehold villas to purchase in Dubailand. Again, the prices are affordable, and the location is great.

You can invest in a specious 4-bedroom villa for sale in Dubailand. It will entail a cost between AED 1.4M to AED 3.5M. A 5-bedroom villa for sale in Dubailand can cost you around AED 2.8M, on average.

If you choose a luxury villa at the Falcon City of Wonders, the sale price can increase to AED 6.4M. For a 6-bedroom villa in Dubailand, the sale price can be AED 2.8M.

Even though most villas are in the Dubai Lifestyle City, there are also a few ready units in the Living Legends community.

If you invest in a property in Dubailand to rent it out, you can make a good profit out of it. According to the recent trends, rental properties in Dubailand fetch an RoI between 5.9 to 7.3 per cent.

Also, do not fail to understand the Dubai Tenancy Law if you buy a property for renting out.

The Best Communities in Dubailand

When it comes to choosing a community in Dubailand, the most popular one is Skycourts Towers. It is one of the top areas to rent and buy properties. The community has easy access to the highways, lifestyle amenities and other facilities.

Rukan in Wadi Al Safa is the next community to consider. It is a cluster of villas and apartments.

Living Legends, the high-end villa and apartment community of the Falcon City of Wonders, is also a popular community in Dubailand. Both the communities are ideal for you if you prefer a close-knit community with all facilities close by.

These communities also have the best projects to invest in in Dubailand.

Finally, you can consider the Villanova community in Dubailand. It has many family homes for renting and purchasing.

Amenities in Dubailand

In Dubailand, you will find all the necessary amenities to make your life smooth.

Parking Spaces

Parking your vehicle is not a problem in Dubailand. Most apartment buildings have covered basement parking spaces. Also, there is street parking. If you live in a villa, you can have the option of parking your vehicle at the covered porches within the property. Some luxury villas have a dedicated garage.

Public Transportation

In Dubailand, there is no metro station. But, there are feeder busses from several points at Skycourts Towers, Windsor Residence and Liwan. In addition, you can commute through available taxis.


You will find many mini-marts and shops near Skycourts Towers. Moreover, you will also find the Lifco Supermarket, West Zone Supermarket, Shua Al Madina Supermarket, and Thomsun Supermarket. In addition, those living in the villa community can access an outlet of Spinneys Supermarket.


There are many new schools for older children in Dubailand. For example, the Aquila School, which opened in September 2018, is located near the SkyCourts Towers. The school follows the UK curriculum from primary (FS1) till middle school (Year 6).

The Fairgreen International School in the Layan community offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum from pre-primary to Year 8.

The GEMS School of Digital Futures at the Al Waha community offers the UK curriculum for the full 13 years of schooling.

University students living in Dubailand can easily access the Dubai International Academic City.

However, you do not find many Nurseries in the area. The Kids Zone Nursery is in The Villa community. And Skycourts Tower C has the Chubby Cheeks Nursery. While, in Al Waha and Layan, you get the Step by Step Nursery. If you want more options, you have to choose the nurseries in the nearby Dubai Silicon Oasis community.


In Dubailand, there is the Ace Medical Centre in Skycourt Tower D., And there is Aster Clinic and Sulaiman Faqeeh Hospital, and the Symbiosis Medical Center and the Medicare Polyclinic. However, if you want to access bigger hospitals, you must go to the neighbouring Silicon Oasis.

Things to Consider Before Making Dubailand Your Home

It will help if you do a bit of homework before you relocate to Dubailand. Despite there are many perks of living in Dubailand, you cannot access it by public transport, which can be a downside for you. Rents in Dubailand are indeed affordable, but the area is yet to become fully developed as many new facilities and communities are under construction.

FAQs About Dubailand

When Will Dubailand Be Completed?

The timeline for completion of the Dubailand project was divided into 4 phases, of 5 years each. The unique leisure components are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Which are the Top-Class Hotels in Dubailand?

  • Mena Plaza Hotel
  • Al Ghurair Rayhaan
  • Occidental IMPZ Dubai Conference and Events Centre

How Far is it From Dubai to Dubailand?

The distance between Dubailand and Bur Dubai is 27 km.


Dubailand has become a versatile community for investing in property. Despite the unavailability of the metro, the community has everything to offer to make your life enjoyable and exciting.

Moreover, owning a property in Dubailand means, you can give your family a fantastic living experience. So, if you are pondering about whether or not to buy a property in Dubai, stop considering and actuate your property buying process.