Buying or Renting Properties in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying or Renting a Property

If you are looking for luxury living in Dubai, then you can consider Dubai Hills Estate. Also called Dubai Hills, it is the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

You can easily access the community because it is located next to Al Barsha South and along the Al Khail Road (E44) highway.

Dubai Hills is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding. It has become a popular area renting luxury villas in Dubai.

The project has many communities and properties, such as villas, townhouses, apartments and residential plots.

You can regard the community as a high-end luxury residential area and a popular golf community in Dubai.

Interestingly, you can get a view of the famous Burj Khalifa while you play golf at Dubai Hills Golf Club.

Dubai Hills Estate will also have three hotels, two hospitals, a 54 km bicycle route, two metro lines and a mega-mall, Dubai Hills Mall.

Moreover, three schools will be within the vicinity of the community–GEMS Wellington Academy, GEMS New Millennium School and GEMS International School.

You will find Dubai Hills as a family-friendly development. It has many amenities for its residents.

As there are many property types in Dubai Hills, you can have a wide range of options for choosing a property, either renting or buying.

Interestingly, Dubai Hills is a suitable community for families with children. It is a quiet place with many schools close by. Moreover, there are green areas, walkways, and playgrounds to keep children entertained.

You can also regard Dubai Hills as one of the best villa communities in Dubai.

So, you can quickly figure out why Dubai Hills is one of the most popular areas in Dubai.

Dubai Hills–summary

  • Has a mix of luxury apartments, villas and townhouses
  • Close to Downtown Dubai and Al Barsha South
  • Has the 18-hole Dubai Hills Golf Club
  • Has the gigantic Dubai Hills Mall
  • The community is spread over 11 million square metre
  • Parks and open spaces are spread over 1.4 million square metre
  • Many of the properties are currently off-plan

Renting in Dubai Hills Estate

If you rent a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Hills, you must spend around AED 52K per year. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the annual rent comes in between AED 55K to AED 99K. And for a 3-bedroom rental apartment in Dubai Hills Estate, you need to spend AED 115K.

Dubai Hills Estate has a broad range of luxurious villas. And you can choose one for your family.

According to the latest trends, rent for a 4-bedroom villa in Dubai Hills Estate ranges between AED 128K to AED 250K annually. And, a 5-bedroom villa comes at an annual rent of AED 168K on average.

While rent for 3-bed villas in Dubai Hills Estate is at around AED 125k per annum, rent for a 6-bedroom villa varies from AED 600K to AED 900K per year.

In addition, you can find many townhouses in Dubai Hills. For example, for a 5-bedroom townhouse in Dubai Hills, you must spend AED 150K to AED 180K.

Property Buying Trend in Dubai Hills

There are many villas for sale in Dubai Hills. And the sale prices vary from affordable to expensive. According to the latest trends, sale prices of freehold 3-bed villas in Dubai Hills Estate start from AED 1.9M. And the sale price of a 4-bedroom villa is around AED 2.2M.

If you want to purchase a 5-bedroom villa in Dubai Hills, you must spend between AED 2.5M to AED 21M. The higher prices are due to the villas being located in the lavish Hills Views community.

The larger and extravagant 6-bedroom villas in Dubai Hills come at sale prices within AED 9.4M to AED 35M.

Moreover, massive mansions come at the starting sale price of AED 19.5M and can go up to AED 95M.

Additionally, there are many townhouses for sale in Dubai Hills Estate. Townhouses are bigger, with a minimum area of 2,000 square feet apart from a servant’s room, covered parking and ample garden space.

While sale prices of 3-bedroom townhouses in Dubai Hills start from AED 1.6M, the prices for 4-bed townhouses range from AED 2.35M to AED 4M. The notable difference in the price arises from the 4-bedroom townhouses being found in the Golf Grove community. They lie along the golf course so that you can get eye-catching views of Dubai’s skyline.

If you want to purchase a 5-bedroom townhouse in Dubai Hills Estate, you need to spend upwards of AED 2.7M. Notably, the price is within the affordable range if you compare similar properties in the nearby areas.

The Best Communities in Dubailand

Now, look at the most popular communities in Dubai Hills State before buying or renting a property in Dubailand.

Maple is the most popular community, where you can get 3 to 5 bedroom villas and townhouses.

You can also consider Maple if you want to rent a townhouse. While a 3-bedroom townhouse for rent costs around AED 130K per annum, a 4-bedroom rental townhouse in Maple costs around AED 150K annually.

Sidra Villas is the second popular community in Dubai Hills. The community includes luxurious units that are priced affordably.

The third popular community in Dubai Hills is Park Heights, which has 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

Given the prevailing trend, people regard Maple and Park Heights as the top areas in Dubai Hills to rent properties.

Golf Place and Fairway Vistas are the other popular communities in Dubai Hills. Interestingly, Golf Place Villas are divided into the Golf Place Vistas and Golf Place Vilas.

You will find 6-bedroom mansions in Golf Place Vistas that offer a minimum living space of 8,531 square feet. In Golf Place Villas, you will find 4, 5, and 6-bed villas ranging in size from 5,119 square feet to 7,405 square feet.

If you wish to buy a property, you should determine the RoI from the property investment. As per the prevailing trend, 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apart, rents entail an RoI of 5.2 per cent, 5.1 per cent, 5 per cent and 4.9 per cent, respectively.

When you buy a property for renting it out, ensure that you brush your knowledge with the Dubai Tenancy Law.

Parking Facilities

Dubai Hills is undergoing construction, so you will not find any definitive parking for visitors. But you will see parking lots in the Dubai Hills Mall and the areas near the apartment buildings. In Dubai Hills Estate, parking is available in covered spaces in apartment blocks, townhouses and villas

Metro Stations

The Mall of the Emirates Metro Station in the neighbouring Al Barsha community is the closest metro station to the Dubai Hills Estate. However, there is a proposal to set up two metro lines alongside the Dubai Hills community.

Bus Stations

The nearest bus stop is around 5-minutes away in the neighbouring Al Barsha South. You can expect Dubai Hills to have bus stations once it gets developed.


You can shop your essential items from the Dubai Hills supermarket. There are many supermarkets in the adjoining communities of Dubai Hills Estate, and those are the best supermarkets in Dubai. For example, you can access the West Zone Fresh Supermarket, Aswaaq Supermarket and Blackberry Grocery in Al Barsha South. And there is Al Douri Mart, Carrefour City Market and Sunrise Supermarket in Al Barsha.

Schools and Universities

You will find good schools near Dubai Hills Estate. There is a branch of GEMS Wellington Academy nearby. The school follows the British curriculum from the foundation stage (FS1) to the final Year 13.

The GEMS International School is also nearby Dubai Hills. The school offers the IB curriculum from pre-primary to Year 12.

If you are looking for the CBSE Indian curriculum for your kid, you can go for the GEMS New Millennium School for students from KG1 to Year 9.

All these schools are located alongside Al Khail Road, adjoining Dubai Hills.

In addition to these schools, you can also find quite a few schools nearby in Al Barsha and Barsha South–the American School of Creative Science, Kings School and Dubai Heights Academy.

The Knowledge Park is only 20 minutes away from the Dubai Hills community. Therefore, you can regard it as an educational hub.

The Knowledge Park has many universities and institutes, including the University of Bradford Dubai, the University of Wollongong Dubai, and Middlesex University Dubai.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare poses no problem when you live in Dubai Hills. The Mediclinic Park View Hospital is located on Umm Suqeium Street. The Al Zahra Hospital and Saudi German Hospital are located in Al Barsha. You can find many branches of Aster Clinic around the community apart from many pharmacies.

There is Dubai hills hospital, and Kings College Hospital is located just outside the community’s entrance. And there is also the Kings College Hospital London in Dubai Hills. It is a large 100-bed facility, with a surgical unit, specializes in paediatric orthopaedic cases, and features the best British healthcare.

The Factors to Know Before Relocating to Dubai Hills

Living in Dubai Hills Estate can be exciting and enjoyable, yet there are a few things you need to know before you relocate to Dubai Hills. It is a developing area that is expected to attain full completion in 2022.

As you will find many ongoing constructions, it can be an issue for you. In addition, due to its developing status, you have to wait for all of the amenities to be constructed like transport links, supermarkets, etc.

However, Dubai Hills Estate is ideal for families. After Dubai Hills Mall opens up, you will find many amenities becoming part of the community.

But, one thing is for sure. Dubai Hills is one of the best areas in Dubai to live, rent and own a property.

Nearby Areas

The Dubai Hills location is one of the most remarkable factors. The community is located near other Emaar communities such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Emirates Hills.

Barsha South on the west and Al Quoz 2 on the east are the neighbours of the Dubai Hills. Moreover, you can easily reach the Meydan City area and Arabian Ranches communities from Dubai Hills.

You can expect Dubai Hills to be a vibrant and busy area in Dubai to live and purchase a property once the hotels, shopping mall and golf course attain complete construction.


Despite a few downsides arising because Dubai Hills is yet to attain full completion, there are many advantages of living in the community. You and your family can live a peaceful and exciting life in the community. Therefore, if you are a bit confused about whether or not to relocate to Dubai Hills, put your confusion to rest, and make a move.