Real Estate Market in Dubai Marina

Real Estate Market in Dubai Marina: A Complete Guide

Diversity is a distinctiveness of Dubai. There are diverse food habits, cultures, enjoyments, etc., in the city. And so are the places to stay in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is one of the most preferred neighborhoods in Dubai. So if you are moving to the United Arab Emirates, and zeroed on living in Dubai, then Dubai Marina can be your choice to stay.

Dubai Marina skyscrapers are what is going to greet you once you enter the neighborhood. But, in addition to the eye-catching skyscrapers, you will come across many dining and entertainment options in the Dubai Marina community.

You can get a lovely urban waterfront living in the community. And there are many residential towers in Dubai Marina.

Given the prevailing trend, you can safely regard Dubai Marina as the most popular place for renting luxury apartments in Dubai.

Despite the glamour, rents in Dubai Marina are the lowest than most popular places in Dubai.

In summary, you can get in Dubai Marina:

  • More than 200 luxurious residential towers, including the distinctive Cayan Tower
  • Many apartments and villas
  • Eye-catching waterfront views from most buildings
  • Residential flats with luxurious amenities and excellent facilities
  • Community events
  • A shopping mall and many popular restaurants

Everything about the community indicates that it is the best place to consider if you plan to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates.

The credit for developing Dubai Marina as a meticulously planned community goes to Emaar Properties, who transformed a 3.5 km strip of shoreline into a 6,452,391 sq. ft. modern residential community, offering a stylish and luxurious lifestyle.

The community has an expansive network of roads, connecting every nook and corner of the community. A remarkable feature is a large canal, stretching over 3.5 km providing access to the sea on both ends.

You can choose any of the luxurious apartments in high-rise buildings, which enables you to enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of the marina.

For foreigners, finding out where Dubai Marina is located is not a problem as they can find it on the Dubai Marina location map.

Properties in Dubai Marina

There are abundant properties for sale in Dubai Marina so that you can spot your dream property quickly. You will find more than 200 residential towers in Dubai Marina. From the towers, we can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the harbor.

As many buildings are part of Dubai’s iconic skyline, the community is often called the tallest block in the world.

You can have a vibrant community lifestyle in Dubai Marina. Although apartments are predominantly available, you will also find many state-of-the-art villas.

If you want to purchase a villa for renting out, ensure that you learn thoroughly about the Dubai Tenancy Law.

In the community, you will find apartments in studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments, and up to luxurious penthouses in Dubai Marina. The penthouses can have five or more bedrooms.

The apartments have a spacious living area, kitchen, and an en-suite bathroom in the bedroom. Moreover, they bear other features, such as a maid’s room, powder room, and a balcony. In addition, a fitness center, parking area, and security are the shared facilities of apartment buildings.

In Dubai Manina, 2 to 6-bedroom villas are available with an area ranging from 2,450 sq. ft. to 9,600 sq. ft. And the villas bear a spacious living room, a well-equipped kitchen, a maid’s room with a bathroom, powder room, and a storage room. At the same time, other facilities include a parking facility and rooftop terrace.

If you have a small to medium-sized family, you can look for spacious 2 to 5-bedroom villas for rent. And if you are single, you can look for rental studios in Dubai Marina.

Rents for studios start from AED 27K. The starting rent for one-bedroom apartments is AED 34K, which can go up to AED 800K. While rents for 2-bedroom apartments start at around AED 50K, rent for 3-bedroom apartments is between AED 70K to AED 350K.

However, 4 and 5-bedroom deluxe apartments are rare in Dubai Marina. But there are many large apartments in the community. The large luxury apartments bear amenities, such as separate servants, private pools, elevators, etc. While the rents for 4-bedroom flats are around 186K, 5-bedroom penthouses can be between AED 229K to AED 850K.

You can consider the Studio One Tower and Princess Tower for renting apartments in Dubai Marina. They are known as the top building to rent apartments in the community.

The Studio One Tower is a freehold residential project by Select Properties. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in Studio One Tower at around AED 50K. The rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is within the range of AED 75K to AED 91K.

Princess Tower is one of the tallest residential towers in the community. It has 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom penthouses. In Princess Tower, rents for a 2-bedroom apartment start at AED 62K. And rents for a 4-bedroom penthouse hover between AED 195K to AED 280K.

Property Sale Prices in Dubai Marina

With many freehold property projects available, foreign investors can have full ownership of the property purchased.

Going by the prevailing property sales trend in Dubai Marina, the sale prices for studio apartments are at around AED 385K. One-bedroom apartments can cost between AED 480K to AED 2.5M. While the prices for 2-bedroom flats are around AED 1.6M, the prices for freehold 3-bed flats are around AED 2.6M.

4-bedroom apartments can cost from AED 1.6M to AED 25M. And the higher-end units are furnished apartments.

Sizes of 5-bed penthouses vary from 3,617 sq. ft. to 15,320 sq. ft. and are priced at around AED 7.1M. For luxurious apartments, the selling price can go up to AED 49M.

The selling price of a 3-bedroom villa in Dubai Marina can be between AED 2.2M to AED 9.9M. And that for a 4-bedroom villa can range from AED 4.8M to AED 15M.

Spacious 5-bedroom villas can cost around AED 7.9M. And you can find most of the 5-bedroom villas in Trident Bayside by Trident International HoldingFZE.

Popular Buildings in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the home to many beautiful supertall skyscrapers with some of the world’s largest residential towers, which bear different properties.

Foreigners can access Dubai Marina information from various public resources. For example, the Dubai Marina buildings map can help them know the Dubai Marina building names.

You can choose one of the famous buildings in Dubai Marina to rent or buy a property.

According to the prevailing trends, Marina Diamond is the most popular residential complex in Dubai Marina. The complex bears six mid-rise residential buildings which host many apartments, such as studios, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.

In the complex, rents for studios start from AED 28K. And those for one-bedroom apartments range from AED 35K to AED 52K. Rents for 2-bedroom apartments are at around AED 55K.

The DEC Towers is the second most famous tower in Dubai Marina that is made of two buildings, which have studios, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. Therefore, you can consider the residential tower for buying an apartment in Dubai Marina for staying or renting. As per the current trends, the price of a 1-bedroom unit starts from AED 599K. And that for a 2-bedroom apartment ranges between AED 799K to AED 1.2M.

Another popular tower is the Dubai Marina Towers, also called Emaar 6, which hosts many 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments in addition to 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses.

Facilities in Dubai Marina

There can be many things to do in Dubai Marina, given the slew of facilities available. Therefore, you can regard Dubai Marina as a hotspot for tourists and residents.


The best hotels in Dubai Marina are Address Dubai Marina, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Le Verda Suites and Villa, and Grosvernor House.

Parking Spaces

You will find dedicated parking spaces in most residential towers. But, there are a few public parking spots.

Public Transportation

Dubai Marina has two metro stations: Sobha Realty Metro Station and DMCC Metro Station. Traveling by metro is a good way to shorten travel time, especially when roads get busy in the evenings. In addition to the metro, there is the Dubai Tram, with stations at the Marina Towers Tram Station near Marina Pinnacle and MAG 218 Tower.


Dubai Marina hosts the Waitrose, Spinneys, West Zome, and Al Maya supermarkets, where you can get your groceries.

Educational Institutions

Dubai Marina has many nurseries which offer an excellent education for younger children. For example, Raffles Nursery, located on the Marina Walk, follows a superb curriculum for children from 45 days to 4 years old. And for other children, there are good schools, such as Horizon International School, Dubai British School, and King’s School Dubai.

Healthcare Facilities

The community hosts multiple clinics and health centers, such as Medcare Medical Centre Marina and Emirates Hospitals Clinic. Moreover, there are many pharmacies in the community.


Living in Dubai Marina means leading an enjoyable and exciting lifestyle. Apart from the fine dining options and nightspots, you will get many bars in Dubai Marina.

You can shop to your heart content with the availability of many shopping stores. The Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Charles & Keith, Sephora, and Miniso stores in the Dubai Marina Mall offer ample opportunities for you to shop.

In addition to shopping, you can dine at the various restaurants or enjoy a movie at the Reel Cinemas. Besides, you can also go biking, and there are a few bike rental stations in Dubai Marina.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Dubai Marina

If some questions regarding Dubai Marina are playing in your mind, go through the following FAQs to quench your curiosity:

When was Dubai Marina built?

The construction of Dubai Marina started in 2003, but it is yet to complete. However, many developments are in the construction stages and will be completed shortly.

Where to live in Dubai Marina?

There are many apartments and villas available for rent. For short stays, there are many hotels and waterfront resorts.

Is walking around Dubai Marina trouble-free?

You can walk around Dubai Marina without any trouble. It has pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods to allow hassle-free walking. There is also a waterfront road called Marina Walk, on which you can walk, stroll, jog and run.


Now, coming to the moot question: should you invest in a property in Dubai Marina or not? Given the benefits of living in an enjoyable and luxurious community, it is certainly worth investing in or renting a property in Dubai Marina.

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