Ajman Villa for Rent

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All About Renting a Villa in Ajman

Ajman comprises two enclaves—Manama and Masfout—and is the smallest emirate in the UAE. While Manama is a plain area, Masfout is a spectacular mountainous area. And renting a villa in Ajman is a prudent option if you are moving into the emirate.

Demand for properties in Ajman has increased due to the increasing population, including locals and expatriates. And the growing demand has unleashed remarkable property developments not only to cater to the need but also to promote a luxurious lifestyle.

Villas in Ajman

You can have a wide range of choices when you look for a villa for rent in Ajman. There are two, three, four, five, and six-bedroom villas available for rent.

When it comes to the design, the villas are of Arabic, American, European and Mediterranean styles. And there are amenities, such as private gardens, spacious parking, paved walkways that make a living in the villas enjoyable and convenient. The modern and creative architecture of the villas also set them apart.

Rents of Villas in Ajman

Considering a villa for rent in Ajman monthly will not put any strain on your pockets as there is a wide rent range, extending from low to high.

According to the latest estimates, the lowest range extends from around AED 30,000 to AED 210,000 per year. Three-bedroom villas are available for rent within AED 34,000 to AED 115,000 per annum. Four-bedroom villas entail a yearly rent from around AED 35,000 to AED 130,000. Annual rent for five-bedroom villas varies from around AED 55,000 to AED 210,000. And six-bedroom villas in Ajman come at a yearly rent between AED 65,000 to AED 210,000.

Popular Areas to Rent Villas in Ajman

Villas in Ajman are spread around spectacular areas and come at affordable rents. The notable areas for renting a villa are Al Rawda, Al Mowaihat, and Al Jurf.

Al Rawda has the most rental villas, followed by Al Mowaihat, where you get a significant number of villas.

Al Rawda is a popular and convenient residential area and the oldest community in the city. The design of villas in Al Rawda is strongly influenced by Arabian architecture.

It is a convenient community to raise a family. There are supermarkets, beautiful parks, recreational sports, leisure facilities, world-class schools, and the best healthcare facilities.
Due to the family-centric nature, residents can have an enjoyable, convenient, and satisfying life in Al Rawda.

And the thing to note is that the busy commercial establishments are situated at some distance from the residential villa areas, apparently to ensure convenience and prevent disturbances.

In Al Mowaihat, there are luxurious villas and all kinds of facilities to lead a convenient life. There are playing areas, resting facilities for the disabled, gardens, malls, schools, hospitals, and fitness centres. Due to the proximity to Muhammad Bin Zayed Road and Ammar Street, Al Mowaihat has excellent connectivity to other city areas.

Al Jurf is accessible from all routes in Ajman. With a friendly neighbourhood and high safety and security standards, AI Jurf is a family-friendly community, an ideal place to raise your family. The areas adjoining villas have big courtyards, spacious parking lots, malls, hotels, government departments, and restaurants.

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