Al Mahra, Arabian Ranches

Journey through Al Mahra, Arabian Ranches: Your Complete Definitive Companion


For anyone looking for properties for sale in Dubai, it is guaranteed for their search to end at the magnificent Arabian Ranches, in the southern part of which falls their brilliant planned out community Al Mahra. The Al Mahra villas accommodate four, five, six and even seven-bedroom villas across all 160 of them within the community. Finished in 2007, Emaar Properties proudly holds all the credit for its great development.


The beauty of this development is present within its 10 layouts, each of which holds the Arabian culture, whether it be architectural or communal, dear to every brick and stone that lies inside the villas and apartments. Furthermore, the residents enjoy exclusive access to many clubs that have restricted entry to other residents of the area. Each of the 160 villas in this community is fitted with furnished tiles and offer polished amenities that shine throughout the house as well as the neighborhood around these villas and apartments.


The community of Al Mahra falls closer to those that hold similar values of family friendly lifestyle and peaceful vibes. The alternative points that stand out when we look at the Arabian Ranches is the availability of many parks around the area as well as pools that can accommodate both the old and the young. A major point of consideration when searching for a villa for sale in Dubai or even properties for sale in UAE, is that the location must be such that after a long day of work or school, you must come home to a peaceful environment, away from the hustle-bustle of the Dubai main city. The Al Marha is the perfect green paradise for this serene experience. One can achieve this by simply renting an apartment in Al Mahra and enjoying its secluded pools, gardens, parks, sports pitches and courts as well as fun kids areas.


The base plots of Al Mahra accommodate ten layouts for the residents to pick from. All the villas are designed under the heavy influence of Arabian architectural styles. This influence even extends to the domes of these community villas.

Arabian Ranches highlights the best areas for renting villas in Al Mahra, since these villas consist of spacious balconies, giving its residents a once-in-a-lifetime view right across from their windows, every day of their lives.


Buses map the area all around Al Mahra, making bus stops fall in the close proximity of most villas in the community. The dream of every resident, a bus stop right within the community that can help them board buses directly across from their villas, is a reality in the Al Mahra community due to the existence of the Al Mahra bus stop, which lies right inside the community area. Other bus stops lie about 10 minutes away.

A bit farther lie the metro stations, allowing the residents to board metros after a mere 20-minute drive to the metro station. Some of these include:

  • Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2
  • DMCC Metro Station 1
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank


A 7 minute drive from your Al Mahra community villa would land you right in front of Blue Mart, a renowned supermarket throughout the city. If you wish to rush to another grocery store for some things that you might not find at Blue Mart, then you can walk over to the Carrefour supermarket or the Fresh Choice Mini Mart!

Families that prefer to send their children to renowned schools and nurseries and are looking for properties for sale in UAE you would not have to look any further since Arabian Ranches offers quite a few selected educational institutions that are held in high regard all across the country. Some of these include the Jumeirah English Speaking School, the Ranches Primary School and the Fairgreen International School.

In case of any medical emergency, the residents should never feel the need to panic since Al Mahra strategically falls near the best healthcare facilities all across the city, with brilliant doctors and specialists to cater to every need of the patient. Along with other Gyane clinics, most of these hospitals and clinics fall within a 12 minute driving radius of the community. The most prominent ones include:

  • NMC Royal Hospital
  • Vitalite
  • Apex Medical


Muslims can find solace in the Masjid Arabian Ranches, which stands in its holy grace right within the Arabian Ranches. The spiritual power that this place holds overshadows the mere 8-minute commute time that it requires. Other mosques fall within a 13 minute driving radius across the community.

The same solace for christians is present within the community churches, like:

  • Weekday Warehouse
  • Haley’s Church

Both of these lie within a 20-minute driving radius of the villas.

Hindus and Sikhs both have ample temples and gurudwaras to visit as well, such as the Shiva Temple and the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple, respectively.


Malls within close proximity of Al Mahra include:

  • Auto Mall
  • The Ranches Souk
  • Mudon Community Center

If the residents wish to try the flavorful cuisines that are offered near their villas, they can opt to go to restaurants that are renowned in the community area such as, Ranches Restaurant, Freedom Pizza, Subway Studio City, Barbeque Delights and many more.

If beaches sound like your vibe, you can visit the following beaches that fall very near to the community area as well as to the other amenities that Al Mahra accommodates:

  • JBR Beach
  • Marina Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach

Some of these beaches even offer separate bike tracks for the people that visit them!


For fitness freaks, Al Mahra is the perfect place to live since it is filled with a wide variety of serene parks and intense, well-equipped gyms that offer a completely polished training experience to the community residents. Gyms like Optimal Fitness, Snap Fitness and Beaufort Gym are considered the best places in the entire community to maintain a fitness routine and work on your physical wellness.

The inside of the community area is also lined with plenty of spas and massage centers, some of which include, Marquee Hair Salon, Tips and Toes and The Nail Spa.


Anyone that searches for properties for sale in Dubai holds the knowledge that amenities like the ones referred above are immensely hard to find outside of the main city at such close proximity and convenience. Which is what makes Al Mahra, Arabian Ranches the perfect paradise to settle within!

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