Marina Wharf, Dubai Marina

Experience Convenience with Marina Wharf, Dubai Marina

An Overview

For anyone looking for properties for sale in Dubai, their search is bound to end at the Marina Wharf towers. It is a complex consisting of two twin towers in Dubai Marina, each of them accommodating 29 floors in the entirety of its 118.89 m height. Completed by Dheeraj Group and East Coast LLC in 2010, its exterior is draped in blue and gray.

Main Features

  • It is a residential area
  • 146 total units
  • One, two and three BHK apartments
  • Tons of convenient resources within the residential area


Just like other properties for sale in Dubai, Marina Wharf comes with an elaborate setup of amenities and provisions. Both towers possess elevators with great functionality that can help residents, especially old and disabled residents, to reach their floors safely and with ease. To add more to the residents’ convenience, every floor is equipped with central air-conditioning and regular maintenance regulation. The safety of residents is taken very seriously, and is ensured using 24-hour running CCTV footage cameras and fast action by the in-house guards. As for the safety of the residents’ car, that is also ensured by the Marina Wharf in-house security and along with that, every resident is assigned a unique parking spot right inside the building. It also has a parking space right outside its boundaries for any guests that might visit you. 

If you are a barbeque enthusiast, the Marina Wharf towers even have landscape gardens for you to enjoy your open barbecue parties in the community. Following this, if you need to use the gym, the community offers a wide variety of provisional fitness services, such as gyms, saunas, jogging trails and even podium gardens! If you are not a gym enthusiast, you can indulge in alternative sports like squash, billiards or bowling. To facilitate these sporting activities, the buildings have in-house squash courts and bowling alleys. To enjoy these services without the worry of the safety of your children, you can drop them off at the kids play area present on the ground floor. 

Transportation and Commuting Near Marina Wharf

About 5 to 10 minutes away from the Marina Wharf building complex lies a network of bus stops for any residents that prefer to use the bus for commuting to work, including the Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 bus stop and the Marsa Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 1. Lying about 7 minutes away are the Sobha Realty and DMCC Metro stations. Other metro stations that lie in the close proximity of this complex are Jebel Ali and Ibn Battuta. There are also trams that run about a minute away from the community, including the Dubai Marina Mall and Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 Tram station.

Restaurants and Supermarkets Near The Community

A common theme among properties for sale in UAE is the wide availability of restaurants around the community areas. Marina Wharf is no different. There are many restaurants that lie close to the Marina Wharf community region where you relax and spend some memorable evenings after a long day of work. Restaurants, like the Cheesecake Factory, FlavourLand Restaurant, Toro Toro, all lie within a 15 minute radius of Marina Wharf. FlavourLand Restaurant offers different types of cuisines ranging from Indian to Russian. Toro Toro is a completely luxurious fine dining experience in Grosvenor House, located in Dubai Marina.

Most supermarkets in Dubai Marina lie about 7 to 12 minutes away from the Marina Wharf community complex. The closest one is the Deals Supermarket which can be reached in 7 minutes straight from the building. If residents prefer to go to a different supermarket, they can opt for the Choice Supermarket or the Plus Point Supermarket.

Educational Institutes close to Marina Wharf

Every parent wants their child to study in the most optimal of environments and by the most skilled of educators. For this, they tend to go for properties for sale in UAE that fall close to good educational institutes. Keeping this in mind, Marina Wharf was built close to some of the most reputed schools and pre-schools in Dubai Marina. Educational Institutes like Emirates International School, Oakfield Early Learning Center, Rainbow Valley Nursery are some of the most renowned ones across Dubai Marina. All of these lie about 12 minutes away from the Marina Wharf building complex.

Nearby Parks, Beaches and Residential Towers

There are many other reputed towers that lie in the close proximity of Marina Wharf towers. Some of these buildings include Delphine Tower, Attessa Tower, Marina Promenade, ARY Marina Views and more. These buildings are so close to the community complex that they can be accessed via a 10 to 15 minute walk.

There is even a four-star hotel, known as the Marina Byblos Hotel, present at a 5 minute distance from Marina Wharf. The hotel features deluxe, twin and aquamarine suites which come with facilities inside and outside the hotel such as business centers and conference rooms. As for extra amenities, the hotel offers a rooftop swimming pool, delightful restaurants, women’s salon, a wholly furnished gym and bars.

As for beaches, the JBR beach remains the popular choice among residents of Marina Wharf. It is spacious and luxurious with many amenities that one would not find on a typical beach. Adding to its benefits, it is only about 15 minutes away from the building complex!

Other great landmarks for residents to visit include, Al Ittihad Park, Emirates Golf Club and Skydive Dubai among others. All of these lie about a 12 minute drive away1 from the building complex.


If you are someone who requires the highest quality of amenities and services in your home-space, then Marina Wharf is the establishment that was tailor-made for you. The high towers and their spacious apartments constitute a graceful living experience for anyone that opts for Marina Wharf. The great restaurants and facilities that constitute the external world of the community are sure to attract and mesmerize you and any visitors that might stop by. Experience this glorious community in its full blaze today!

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