Rent an Office in Sharjah

The Popular Areas to Rent an Office in Sharjah

Today, Sharjah is a crucial business hub in the UAE. It has enlarged its image from a cultural capital to a business centre. Thanks to the favourable laws to attract foreign and local investors.

Affordable rental prices for offices, warehouses and other commercial properties are another attraction for businesses to set up bases in Sharjah.

If you are looking to establish your business presence in the emirate, you should rent an office in Sharjah to start your business operations.

Due to the growing commercial importance and remarkable developments, the emirate’s infrastructure and lifestyle have significantly improved. As such, many businesses prefer to operate from the emirate. Moreover, with the number of successful enterprises increasing in the emirate, demand for commercial buildings for rent in Sharjah is also growing.

What are the Best Areas to Rent Offices in Sharjah?

You can regard the list of areas in this article as the best places to get office space for rent in Sharjah.

Here goes the list:

Al Majaz

An excellent place to start searching for an office to rent in Sharjah is Al Majaz. And remarkably, rent for offices in Al Majaz Sharjah is affordable. It is located conveniently along the famous Buhaira Corniche, where you get to see eye-catching scenic views and high-rise buildings that have commercial spaces for rent.

The buildings have all the facilities for running your business smoothly.

Al Majaz is located off the E11 highway. So, professionals residing in other emirates can easily commute to the area. Moreover, there are public transport facilities to make commuting easier. And, it will help your clients to visit your office with ease. In addition, the commercial establishments in Al Majaz have parking places that make travelling to your office convenient.

In Al Majaz, you can get furnished offices too. And you will find many banks and restaurants in the area.

As per the current trends, rents for offices in Al Majaz start from AED 20K.


Next in the line of consideration in Muwaileh. You will reap many benefits from taking office for rent in Muwaileh, which lies in the proximity to industrial areas of Sharjah. Moreover, it is also near the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, a major highway that makes commuting to your office in Muwaileh convenient.

If you are on a budget, then Muwaileh is the best option. You can get offices at affordable rents. Muwaileh is known for cheap office space for rent in Sharjah.

According to the current trend, rents for offices in Muwaileh start at around AED 5K for virtual offices and around AED 40K for bigger offices.

Al Qasimia

In Al Qasimia, you can get a wide range of commercial properties. King Faisal Mosque and Ittihad Park are the important attractions of the area.

Due to the central location, several businesses are operating in Al Qasimia. Besides, there are restaurants, banks, and public transport facilities to help you carry out your business with ease.

In Al Qasimia, rents for offices start at AED 5K for a 150 square feet space, and for a 3,000 square feet office, the rent starts at AED 155K.

Bu Daniq

It is a small but central district in Sharjah. But, the thing to note is that there are not many commercial establishments in the area. But, in addition to commercial buildings, there are many hotels in Bu Daniq.

You can rent an office in Bu Daniq Sharjah, to run your business in the emirate. It is a beautiful place and has cheap offices for rent.

Offices for rent in Bu Daniq come at around AED 8.5K, within 250 to 500 square feet.

Al Khan

It is a good idea for you to rent an office in Al Khan for running a business in Sharjah. Al Khan has ample commercial space in Sharjah, and has two major landmarks: Sharjah Expo Centre and Sharjah Aquarium.

There are many high-rise commercial buildings in the area at affordable rents. In addition, it has a convenient public transport system and is close to the Dubai-Sharjah border.

Going by the current trend, the starting rent for a 150 square feet serviced office is around AED 10K, and for a 1,200 square feet office, the starting rent is around AED 20K.

What Essential Factors You Should Consider Before Renting an Office in Sharjah?

Office rent in Sharjah should not be the lone consideration before you rent an office in the emirate. Instead, You should consider some essential factors so that you can select the right location and office for your business in Sharjah.

Here are some of the essential factors to consider beforehand:

  • Verify all terms and conditions outlined in the rental agreement
  • Ensure that your prospective office has good facilities for running your business
  • Determine the proximity of your competitors and how they can impact your business
  • Check the overall ambience of the place
  • Ensure that there are enough parking spaces
  • Verify what is included and what is not

While you search for renting an office to run your business, select a spacious office and have most of the necessary facilities. Take into account the likely sitting arrangement of your employees and their mobility. However, it would help if you did not undermine the need to rent a decent office space to help retain employees for extended periods.

Once you finalize an office space, pay the initial deposit immediately to keep the office space off the market until the owner finalizes the contract papers.


If you have decided to establish or extend your business to Sharjah, you have done the right thing. But, the place where you will run your business is an important thing to consider. The right location will enable your employees to reach the office on time. And the availability of restaurants and cinema halls can make their life enjoyable. Renting the right office space can also create a positive impression about your business.

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