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Arabian Ranches vs Mudon: Where to Buy or Rent a Villa

Are you planning to purchase a villa in Dubai? If so, then you must first focus on the community of your prospective villa.

Despite so many communities to choose from, Arabian Ranches and Mudon deserve special mention because they offer luxury, accessibility, and comfort. But choosing one among them is a hard decision.

If you are confused about living in Arabian Ranches or Mudon, go through our in-depth comparison of the two communities to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Living in Arabian Ranches

It is one of the top villa communities in Dubai. There are grand villas for rent as well as purchasing.

Let us look at the advantages of staying in Arabian Ranches:

Premium Facilities

Arabian Ranches offer you a life of many premium facilities. Those who are staying in Arabian Ranches will agree that the community has spectacular amenities on offer. The facilities range from luxurious gardens to children’s play areas.

Residents also can get special membership schemes and discounted deals at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.

Moreover, you can quickly get a villa for sale in Arabian Ranches.

Family-Friendly Activities

Residents in Arabian Ranches have made the community a fantastic place to live. They organise many family-friendly activities around the year, making the community enjoyable for families.

Many activities unite multicultural residents of the community. What is more, you can even quickly get villas for rent in Arabian Ranches.

Wide Collection of Villas

Arabian Ranches is among the most popular communities for people looking to buy or rent villas in Dubai. You will get villas of all architectural styles, configurations and layouts in the community.

In the community, purchase and rent prices for villas are reasonable. For example, the average rents for 3,4 and 5-bedroom villas are around AED 132K, AED 190K, and AED 235K.

People with a family can look to buy 3-bed villas in Arabian Ranches, given the affordable prices.

A 3-bedroom villa comes at around AED 2.2M. And 4 and 5-bedroom have average sales prices of AED 3.2M and AED 4.3M, respectively.

Given the latest preferences, expatriates prefer to buy apartments and villas in Arabian Ranches.


With many attractions, there can be no boredom to your life at Arabian Ranches. There are sports courts, swimming pools, jogging trails and outdoor activities apart from several leisure destinations.

For example, the Dubai Miracle Garden is within a short drive from the community. It is the most extensive flower garden in the world, with 50 million flowers. Similarly, the Dubai Autodrome is also nearby and offers many adrenaline-pumping activities, such as racing laps behind the wheel of an F1 vehicle.

Another crucial attraction is that you can easily access Arabian via the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/E311. Despite being located on the outskirts of Dubai, the community offers excellent experiences. There are tranquil lawns and gardens, apart from two elite polo and golf clubs.

Reputed Schools

Arabian Ranches is a perfect place for families with kids. The community has many reputed schools with the UK curriculum and pre-nursery options, offering convenience to the parents in the community. For example, the community has the renowned Jumeirah English Speaking School. And for parents looking for institutes for higher education, they may consider the Dubai International Academic City.

Cons of Living in Arabian Ranches

While there are many pros of living in Arabian Ranches, there are some cons, which you should consider before you invest in a villa in the community. The following are some of the cons of living in Arabian Ranches:

Having a Car is a Must

Arabian Ranches is not connected to the Dubai metro. And public transportation is not the most convenient option in the community. So, you will need a car to commute around the neighbourhood. But, the good thing is that the community is not known for traffic woes.

Singles May Not Enjoy the Community

The Arabian Ranches community is more suited for families. So, if you are single, you might not enjoy the community as it is quiet. Also, you will not get opportunities to party the whole night in the community.

Pros of Living in Mudon

If you are moving to the United Arab Emirates, it will be convenient for you to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates. And if you choose to stay in Dubai, either Arabian Ranches and Mudon could be your best picks.

We have already gone through the pros and cons of staying in Arabian Ranches. It is now the time to go through the pros and cons of living in Mudon.

Let us start with the cons first:

Availability of Different Properties

One of the benefits of choosing to stay in Mudon is the broad range of properties you can access. You will get plenty of villas for sale in Dubai Mudon, which is mainly a villa community.

You can get many types of villas in the community of different configurations. The prices will depend upon the kinds of amenities and the number of rooms.

People choosing to stay in the community can quickly get a property for rent in Mudon. And, if people want to own a property, they can easily purchase it as there are ample properties for sale in Mudon. And there are plenty of 3 to 5-bedroom villas in the community to buy as well as rent.

You can get a villa for rent at a starting price of AED 109K per annum. It is one of the most affordable communities in Dubai.

For villa buyers, Mudon has a good collection with prices starting from AED 1.2M. Besides, you can also get 4-bed Mudon villas for sale.

Academic Facilities

In Mudon, there are many reputed schools and universities. So, it is a significant advantage for people living in Mudon with families.

There is the Blossom Nursery for residents with kids, which follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. And for residents having children for primary and secondary schooling, the South View School follows a UK-based curriculum up to class 8. Furthermore, the Jumeirah English Speaking School offers a UK curriculum up to class 11.

Students looking for higher education can access Dubai’s academic districts, which are just 25 minutes away. For example, there is the University of Birmingham, Zayed University and other reputed institutions.

Availability of Essentials

Living in Mudon means that there will be no shortage of groceries and essential items. You can get your necessary items from the supermarkets in the community. Moreover, there are many outdoor dining options in Mudon, with eateries offering different cuisines.

When it comes to enjoyment, you can enjoy life to the fullest in Mudon, which has plenty of recreational options.

Cons of Staying in Mudon

Now, let us examine the cons of staying in Mudon. Read on:

Lack of Public Transport

In Mudon, you will not get public transportation for communicating. So, you will need your vehicle to move around the community.

Developing Area

Mudon is still a developing community. There are many things to get fully developed, such as parks and play areas.

Arabian Ranches or Mudon

Now comes the critical question: Which is the better option–purchasing or renting a villa in Arabian Ranches or Mudon. And the answer is simple. Both are great communities. But, your preferences and conveniences will dictate the community to choose.

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