Al Hamra Village

Renting in Al Hamra Village: Everything in a Nutshell

It can be a pleasant experience to imagine staying near spectacular sandy beaches, a breathtaking golf course and popular hotels.

The good thing is that your imagination can come true if you stay in Al Hamra Village, which is full of attractions and amenities, making the place comfortable and luxurious.

Al Hamra Village is also distinguished by its excellent blend of local heritage and modern architecture.

Notably, relocating to the community poses no problems as plenty of properties are available for rent.

Renting in Al Hamra Village: The Privileges

If you rent a property in Al Hamra Village, you can lead a comfortable, convenient and enjoyable life.

After you rent an apartment in Al Hamra Village, you will get the privilege of enjoying golf at the championship golf course.

You can shop to your heart’s content at the popular and gorgeous Al Hamra Mall, enjoy at the Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club, or walk on Al Marjan island.

There are more in the offing. You can enjoy eating your favorite recipes in the excellent bars, cafes, and restaurants in the community.

Many people prefer to rent apartments in Al Hamra Village to experience the spectacular views of the beach.

If you rent a flat in Al Hamra Village, you will find it spacious and get the privilege of enjoying the eye-catching view of the beach or the golf course.

The community has all the essential facilities, such as supermarkets, healthcare centres, and educational institutes.

You can easily educate your children in institutes like RAK Academy British School, Al Hamra Nursery and Red Bus Nursery.

Rental Trends in Al Hamra Village

In the community, there is no shortage of properties to rent. Instead, you will find a broad collection of apartments, villas and townhouses to rent.

Given the current scenario, there are roughly more than 1,200 large residential properties and 2,500 flats in Al Hamra Village.

The collection includes excellent studios to luxurious 4-bedroom duplex apartments. Interestingly, you can see beautiful ocean views from the properties.

Moreover, there are excellent villas for rent in Al Hamra Village that are available from 3 to 5-bedroom units.

Again, Al Hamra Village is the perfect place to live if you want to stay away from the hustle of busy cities.

Best Buildings to Rent Apartments in Al Hamra Village

Now, let us look at the best buildings in Al Hamra Village to rent apartments:

#1. Royal Breeze Apartments

It is a favorite among prospective tenants. Staying in the Royal Breeze Apartments means getting the opportunity to enjoy the sea or golf course views.

In the building, you will find studios, and 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments for rent, apart from a few penthouses.

The building has a gym, swimming pools and children’s play facilities.

Currently, the rent for a studio in the building is around AED 24k. And, that for a 1-bed apartment is around AED 32k.

If you want a more spacious apartment, you can consider renting a 2-bed apartment that comes with a rent of around AED 47k.

#2. Al Hamra Village Marina Residences

The next option for renting an apartment in Al Hamra Village is Al Hamra Village Marina Residences, where you will find excellent properties to rent.

Remarkably, the rental properties in the complex are spacious to accommodate large families. It was also the first residential project in Al Hamra.

The complex has amenities, such as four outdoor swimming pools, a gym and a children’s club.

The rent for a studio in the complex is around AED 24k. And that for a 1-bedroom apartment is around AED 34k.

The complex has become more and more popular among prospective tenants, especially due to the proximity to amenities, such as RAK Medical Centre and Al Hamra Marina Yacht Club and a sailing club.

#3. Al Hamra Village Golf Apartments

Next is Al Hamra Village Golf Apartments—widely known for offering spectacular views of the golf club.

The complex lies along Paris Street near the golf club and consists of eight low-rise buildings.

In the complex, there is a swimming pool and parking bays between every two towers.

Tenants need not go far away for shopping because the popular Al Hamra Mall is close to the complex.

Besides, the complex is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts to stay. And Al Hamra Village Golf Apartments is also pet-friendly.

Given the current standards, rent for studio apartments in the complex is around AED 23k and around AED 34k for 1-bed apartments.

Townhouses in Al Hamra Village

There are excellent townhouses for rent in Al Hamra Village.

Given the current trends, renting a 3-bed Al Hamra Village townhouse will cost you around AED 90k. And for a spacious 5-bed townhouse, the rent is around AED 95k.

If you want to rent luxury properties in the community, you should know the areas with rental villas and townhouses in Al Hamra Village, and they are as follows:

  • Bayti Homes
  • Falcon Island
  • Royal Breeze Villa
  • Al Hamra Village Townhouses
  • Al Hamra Village Type C Villas
  • Al Hamra Village Type B Villas
  • Al Hamra Village Semi-Detached Duplexes

Villas for Rent in Al Hamra Village

There are plenty of villas for rent in Al Hamra Village. And the villas are equipped with the best-in-class facilities, beautiful interiors and recreational amenities.

In Al Hamra Village, you can rent villas at an affordable price. And the rents are more affordable than in many other locations in the UAE.

However, affordability does not signify lesser amenities. Despite being affordable, Al Hamra Village’s rental villas have excellent amenities.

Most villas have swimming pools and play areas for children. Moreover, the security extends round the clock in the villa communities.

Educational Facilities in Al Hamra Village

You should examine the pros and cons of living in Al Hamra Village before you relocate to the community with your family. And you should not fail to assess the educational facilities in the community beforehand.

Fortunately, there are enough educational facilities to educate your children in the community.

There are Al Hamra Nursery, Little Treasures Nursery and Red Bus Nursery in the nursery category.

There are good schools in the community, such as Ras Al Khaimah Academy, which delivers high-quality education.

Also, the New British International School, which provides the British curriculum, is another good school in the community.

Again, there are EPFL Middle East, the University of West London, and SBS Swiss Business School, which are a few minutes’ away from Al Hamra Village.


If you are in the process of relocating to Al Hamra Village, you should rent an apartment or villa beforehand. And, if you do not like the idea of renting, you can consider investing in one of Al Hamra Village apartments and villas for sale.

You can find a property to rent to buy on a trusted property portal like Toplatest.