Everything You Need To Know About Muwaileh, Sharjah

Muwaileh can be the perfect residential community if you are looking for a place to stay on the outskirts of Sharjah.

Perhaps, the most striking benefit of living in the community is getting the privilege of commuting to Dubai at a short distance. Being near to the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, an important highway in the UAE, Muwaileh provides convenient access to Dubai in a short duration.

The community is roughly 9.8 kilometers south of King Faisal Street in Sharjah, a well-known street in the emirate.

Muwaileh lies close to the industrial areas of Sharjah and is preferred area to rent and buy residential properties.

Given the prevailing preferences of people, the community has become one of the popular areas to rent and buy apartments. In addition, the popularity of Muwaileh for buying villas in Sharjah among property investors has also increased.

Furthermore, the community has also become a popular place for renting apartments and villas.

The Key Points:

  • Lies on the outskirts of Sharjah
  • A preferred area to rent apartments in Sharjah
  • Near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311)
  • Affordable rental properties
  • A preferred place among property investors in Sharjah
  • Away by a few kilometres from King Faisal Street
  • Near to the University City of Sharjah

You will find Muwaileh quieter than other communities in Sharjah. So, the community can be the best place for families.

Remarkably, there are low-rise buildings with 3 to 7 floors in the community. And you will find the most affordable rental apartments in Muwaileh.

However, the community is somewhat less developed than the other communities in the emirate.

Property Profiles in Muwaileh

The most predominant property types in Muwaileh are—apartments and villas.

In the apartment category, you will find studios to 3-bedroom units. And in the luxurious category, there are 3-bed to 5-bed villas and townhouses for sale and rent.

The apartments are equipped with almost all the essential facilities, such as air-conditioning and a central heating system.

In addition, there are central gas connections in some apartments.

In most apartments, there are closed kitchens with fitted cabinets. And you will find a spacious living hall leading to the huge balcony in the apartments.

Again, most residential blocks have mid-rise buildings. And you will see double-glazed glass windows on the exterior.

Moreover, there are satellite/cable TV and intercom facilities, electricity backup, and a CCTV monitoring system.

In the apartment category, the 3 to 5-bedroom units fall into the spacious variants, comprising master bedrooms, a servant room, a dressing room, a laundry room, two kitchens, a storeroom, a living room and dining area, a spacious balcony and a garden.

If you want to run your business in Muwaileh, you will find commercial properties, like shops and offices, for renting or purchasing.

Apartment Rental Trends in Muwaileh

Affordability is what attracts tenants to Muwaileh, which is one of the best areas to rent apartments in Sharjah.

With many affordable properties for rent in Muwaileh, individuals and families prefer renting a property in the community.

Notably, many people come to Muwaileh to rent a budget-friendly property for their families. And the community has figured among the top five areas in Sharjah to rent studios.

Given the perks, Muwaileh can be regarded as one of the best areas for families in Sharjah.

Due to the availability of new rental apartments in Muwaileh, you can quickly find an apartment for rent in the community.

Given the prevailing rental trends, a studio apartment for rent in Muwaileh comes between AED 8k and AED 35k, depending on the size. And the range of the rental price is inclusive of readymade studios and those under construction.

In this category, you will also find many family studio apartments for rent in Muwaileh with rents within the range of AED 8k to AED 28k.

According to the prevailing standards, 1 BHK apartments for rent in Muwaileh are available with a starting rental price of AED 13k, and that can go up to AED 45k.

For 2-bedroom apartments, the rent can extend from AED 18k to AED 75k. And for 3-bed flats for rent in Muwaileh, the rent can vary from AED 30k to AED 51k.

Villa Rental Trends in Muwaileh

If you have a large family and are looking for a spacious property to rent, a villa can be the perfect answer.

You can find one without hassles with several villas for rent in Muwaileh Sharjah. And the villas are with spacious living spaces, outdoor gardens and covered parking spaces.

In the community, villas are with 3, 4 and 5-bedrooms configurations. And the rental prices start from AED 115k and go up to AED 199k.

In addition, you will find many townhouses for rent. And the rental prices for townhouses in Muwaileh extend from AED 110k to AED 130k.

If you want to run your business in the community, finding a commercial rental property will be no problem.

There are many offices and shops for rent in the community with affordable rental prices.

Offices are built from 50 square feet to 2,122 square feet in area. And offices for rent in Muwaileh cost between AED 5k to AED 65k, depending on the size.

Shops of different sizes are available for rent in Muwaileh. And the rents vary from AED 5k to AED 357k, according to the size.

Furthermore, you will find some commercial buildings for rent in the community. Given the prevailing scenario, the rents range from AED 180k to AED 225k.

Apartment Rental Trends in Muwaileh

If you do not like the idea of renting, you can instead consider investing in an apartment for sale in Muwaileh.

You will find many apartments—in the studio and 1,2,3-bed configurations—to buy in the community.

Given the current standards, a studio flat for sale in Muwaileh can amount around AED 400k.

Buying a 1-bed apartment in Muwaileh can make sense if you need a bigger space. And you need to shell out between AED 335k to AED 742k to purchase one.

In addition, there is the availability of 2 and 3-bed apartments for sale. The sale price for a 2-bed flat is around AED 935k. And that for a 3-bed unit is around AED 1,342k.

Interestingly, you will find villas in the community at the most competitive prices. For example, given the current scenario, you should pay around AED 1.29M to purchase a 3-bedroom villa. And for a 4-bed villa, you need to pay the price within the range of AED 1.77M and AED 3.59M.

If you want a more spacious villa, you can consider buying a 5-bed villa for sale in Muwaileh. And such a villa can cost between AED 2.3M and AED 4.7M.

Going a bit further, you can also think of investing in a 6-bedroom villa in the community. And that can come at the cost of around AED 3.5M.

Again, if you want a different type of luxury property, you can consider investing in one of the townhouses for sale in Muwaileh Sharjah. And that are available in 2 to 5-bedroom configurations.

According to the current sales trends, the sales prices of a 2-bed townhouse are around AED 1.2M, a 3-bedroom townhouse for sale in Muwaileh Sharjah is around AED 2.0M, a 4-bed townhouse is within the range of AED 2.15M and AED 3.4M, and 5-bed is around AED 4.3M.

In addition, there are also commercial properties available, such as shops, offices, commercial plots, commercial buildings and mixed-use land.

If you want to purchase a commercial building in Muwaileh, you need to shell out AED 970k to AED 4.75M.

Popular Buildings in Muwaileh

You can regard the Muwaileh Building as the most popular building in the community. In the building there are many apartments for rent in the building–from studios to 3-bedroom family apartments.

Again, there is the Al Zahia community with apartments, villas and townhouses. And you can consider the Al Mamsha community with off-plan projects and under-construction apartments.

Parking Facilities in Muwaileh Sharjah

In Muwaileh, you will find no problems parking your vehicle if you have one. You will find several vacant sandy lots to park your car in the community.

Besides, there are dedicated parking spaces in most apartments for rent. And you can get one reserved parking space for your car.

Public Transportation in Muwaileh

If you do not own a car, you will find commuting within the community easy, as there is a well-developed public transportation system in Muwaileh.

You will find many bus stops in the community from where you can catch a public bus.

Shopping Facilities in Muwaileh

In Muwaileh Sharjah, you will find many supermarkets to purchase your daily essentials. Roses Land Supermarket is the most popular one among all the available supermarkets, where there are almost all your daily essentials items.

Again, there is the local hypermarket to purchase your monthly items. Out of the hypermarkets, you can visit the Nesto Hypermarket, which is popular for fresh produce.

In addition, there are also a few online groceries, like El Grocer, that provide home delivery services.

Besides, there are other supermarkets, such as Najm Al Danube Supermarket, Al Mawal Supermarket, Teyour Al Shams SuperMarket and Al Tanzeel Supermarket.

Worshiping Facilities in Muwaileh

If you are a Christian, you should go to the nearby Al Yarmook, as there are no churches in Muwaileh.

However, there are some churches in Al Yarmook, such as Marthoma Parish Sharjah, St.Michael’s Roman Catholic Church,Amazing Grace Church & Ministries, and St.Mary’s Soonoro Church.

Again, there are no temples and gurudwaras in Muwaileh. So, Hindu and Sikh residents should go to Dubai, where there are Shree Krishna Haveli, Shiva Temple, and ShrinathJi Temple, Sikh Gurudwara and Sindhi Gurdarbar.

But, there are a few mosques in Muwaileh—they are Ebad Allah Al Saliheen Mosque, Al Jurina, Al Hamd Mosque and Abi Mahthora Mosque.

There are a few mosques in Muwaileh, and these are Al Hamd Mosque, Ebad Allah Al Saliheen Mosque, Al Juraina, and Abi Mahthora Mosque.

Educational Facilities Muwaileh

There are excellent schools in Muwaileh. So, you can send your kid to one of the available schools.

Moreover, there are many nurseries and pre-schools. Also, there are higher education institutes.

Notably, you will find some of the best schools in Sharjah in Muwaileh, such as Delta English School and Delhi Private School, offering the CBSE curriculum.

There are also excellent British Schools, such as Scholars International School, Brilliant International Private School, and Providence British Private School in Muwaileh Sharjah.

Again, there is the India International School, a top-notched Indian school in Sharjah.

Currently, there are altogether 17 schools in Muwaileh with different educational modules and curricula.

For higher education, you should send your children to one of the universities in University City Sharjah.

The universities are not far away, so your children can quickly commute to the institutions.

Healthcare Facilities in Muwaileh

You will find five clinics near the community. In addition, two popular dental clinics- Prestige Dental Clinic and Bab Al Muwailah Dental Clinic—can be reached within a few minutes.

There are also clinics offering general health services near the community, such as HNC Al Sabah Medical Service Centre, Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre, and New Central Poly Clinic.

Moreover, there is a big hospital nearby–Thumbay Hospital University City, located on University City Road.

Things to Consider Before Relocating to Muwaileh

Before you relocate to Muwaileh, you should make yourself aware that it is a community with a silent lifestyle. So, you should try to adjust to the lifestyle.


Given the benefits of staying in Muwaileh and the affordability of rental and sale properties, you can consider staying in the community with your family. Besides, investing in a property in the community can elicit a high return on investment.