Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai

Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai: Where Should You Buy Property?

Understandably, you will be confused when the need arises to choose between the two best entities. It is natural. It happens with everybody.

Your situation will be no different if you were to choose between–Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai–to buy a property.

Given the available amenities, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the two communities are the best in Dubai.

So, if you are confused and finding it difficult to determine which of the two communities you should choose to buy or rent a property, go through this article.

Here, we have touched upon the areas’ relevant factors–property trends, amenities, lifestyles, expected returns on investment, etc.–. And, we believe that you will get a fair idea of the merits of investing in the respective communities.

Eventually, you can win over your confusion by choosing one of the communities with many properties with state-of-the-art amenities.

Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai attract significant attention from prospective property buyers.

Emaar Properties, the developer of Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, is a popular real estate with several excellent properties to its credit–The Lakes, The Meadows, The Springs and Arabian Ranches.

The location of the communities is convenient–situated off Sheikh Zayed Road, a vital highway connecting to most important places.

Moreover, the properties in both the communities are near to important areas. For example, while the properties in Dubai Marina are near Jebel Ali, the properties in Downtown Dubai are near Jumeirah.

Apartment for Sales in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina

 In both the communities, you will find a broad range of apartments for sale–including ready and off-plan units. 

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai, you will find several options–from studios to 4-bedroom units. 

In addition, there are many luxury penthouses and duplexes for sale in Downtown Dubai.

Notably, the available apartments are endowed with eye-catching architectural styles and floor plans in Downtown Dubai

Another appealing factor of apartments in Dubai Marina is the spectacular views of the city’s skyline and the Dubai Canal from the apartments.

Again, Dubai Marina also presents a rosy apartment availability picture with more than 200 residential towers.

In addition, you will get the most affordable villas for rent in Dubai

In Dubai Marina, the apartment portfolio consists of studios to 4-bedroom flats. In addition, there are excellent penthouses and duplexes. 

Remarkably, apartments in Downtown Dubai offer beautiful views of the artificial marina, the Arabian Gulf and the skyline.

Again, the sizes of apartments in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are similar. For example, the size of 1-bedroom apartments is between 570 square feet to 1,200 square feet. 

But, you will notice a difference too. 

In Downtown Dubai, apartments with larger layouts. But, again, that mainly depends on the building.

Sales Price Trends in Downtown Dubai

Given the current trends in Downtown Dubai, the average sale price of:

  • Studio apartments are AED 1.19M
  • 1-bedroom apartments are AED 1.7M
  • 2-bedroom apartments are AED 3.3M
  • 3-bedroom apartments are AED 5.2M

Sales Price Trends in Dubai Marina

According to the prevailing standards in Dubai Marina, the average sales prices of:

  • Studios are AED 803k
  • 1-bedroom apartments are AED 1.2M
  • 2-bedroom apartments are AED 2M
  • 3-bedroom apartments are AED 3.3M 

Buying Villas in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina

If you want a larger home, you can consider investing in a villa in one of the two communities, where you will find an exclusive collection of excellent villas.

You will find villas for sale in Dubai Marina that come in 3 to 5-bedroom units. Given the prevailing trends, you need to spend around AED 4.9M for 3-bedroom units and AED 10M for 4-bedroom units.

Renting Properties in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina

If you do not like the idea of investing in a property in any of the communities, you can consider renting.   

Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina have become top areas to rent apartments in Dubai. It has been due to the residents getting the privilege to stay in a place with amenities, attractions, an upscale lifestyle, and proximity to important areas.

So, if you want to rent in Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai by assessing the prevailing rental prices, here is the latest rental trend.

Remarkably, there are no differences in the distribution of apartments in Downtown and Dubai Marina, where you will find excellent studios to 4-bedroom apartments, apart from penthouses and rental villas in Dubai Marina.

Akin to the apartments for sale, rental units in Downtown Dubai are on the higher side in terms of rental prices than similar properties in Dubai Marina.

Given the current trends, the average rents for apartments in Downtown Dubai:

  • Studios are AED 89k
  • 1-bedroom apartments are AED 111k
  • 2-bedroom apartments are AED 216k
  • 3-bedroom apartments are AED 317k 

For apartments in Dubai Marina, the rents are:

  • Studios are AED 57k
  • 1-bedroom apartments are AED 89k
  • 2-bedroom apartments are 136k
  • 3-bedroom apartments are AED 207k

Which Community to Choose–Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina?

Now, let us address the pertinent question–should you live in Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai? 

To decide which of the communities to choose, let us first learn about the lifestyle offered by each of them:

Dubai Marina

Living in Dubai Marina entails the privilege of staying in a family-friendly waterfront community and easy access to the beach.

You will get a convenient and comfortable lifestyle with many clinics, supermarkets and nurseries. 

Most of the residential towers in Dubai Marina will have amenities such as gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools.

If you are one of those who love watersports, Dubai Marina can be a perfect choice, given the availability of water sporting facilities.

Moreover, facilities for outdoor activities like skydiving, cycling and zip-lining exist in Dubai Marina.

Public transportation is available in Dubai Marina. With the public bus, tram and metro availability, residents can conveniently commute without a car.

Furthermore, the community is not far away from the Dubai International Airport.

Finally, you can have enough options for shopping and entertainment in Dubai Marina. You will find many popular retail outlets in Dubai Marina, malls and a cinema. In addition, there are many excellent restaurants and clubs.

Downtown Dubai

Living in Downtown Dubai means getting the opportunity to enjoy a life full of action. In the community, there are remarkable landmarks and upscale hotels.

Notably, there is a pet-friendly park–Burj Park- ideal for residents with pets.

A comparison between the communities shows that Downtown Dubai has more facilities for leisure attractions and activities.

Dubai Mall is a notable highlight of state-of-the-art stores, drive-in cinemas, musical fountains, and ice rinks.

Again, you will find some excellent restaurants nearby Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

If you are an art enthusiast, Dubai Opera is the place to go. Also, if you love the nightlife, you will find many nightclubs in Downtown Dubai.

Residents using public transportation will find no problems in commuting in the community. There is a metro station and a few public bus stops.


You can choose the community that fits your tastes and interests. Moreover, there are many upcoming residential projects in the communities. 

In addition, you will find all the essential facilities and amenities in both communities. Therefore, you should carefully choose the best community that suits your requirements.

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