Guide to Buying and Renting

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Renting in LA MER, JUMEIRAH

Your search for an excellent beachfront destination can end with La Mer, situated in Dubai. 

Staying in La Mer can allow you to enjoy the spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s skyline. 

The world-class beachfront community in Jumeirah 1 spans 13.4 million square feet. And La Mer is segregated into two predominant sections–North and South. 

The uniqueness of La Mer also comes from the initiatives of the developer–Meraas. This reputed real estate developer has City Walk, Outlet Village and Bluewaters Island to its credit. 

You can get world-class apartments in the Port De La Mer area in La Mer. These unique properties have exceptional facilities and amenities and offer stunning sea views. 

The Sur La Mer area has excellent penthouses, villas and townhouses.

The Summary:

  • Beachfront destination
  • Availability of excellent apartments, penthouses, villas and townhouses
  • Availability of dining, shopping and entertainment facilities
  • The famous Yacht Club nearby 

You can also regard La Mer as a shoreside getaway. And there are a wide variety of apartments, villas and townhouses.

All these properties offer views of the open beach and Dubai skyline. And, it is needless to say that La Mer is a great place for people preferring to stay near beaches.

The key amenities in La Mer Jumeirah:

  • Boutiques and unique concept stores
  • Alfresco cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Roxy Cinemas and the Laguna Waterpark

Given the entire array of amenities, it will not be an exaggeration to say that La Mer Dubai is an island retreat, a striking departure from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city. 

With over a hundred shops, restaurants and cafes La Mer can prompt you to unleash your shopping and dining spree. 

Things for enjoyment in La Mer do not end here. You can find a waterpark, trampoline park, skateboard park and cinema. 

Again you can always have the privilege of walking along the beach and indulging in thrilling watersports. 

The Property Profiles in La Mer Jumeirah

The availability of multiple properties is good news for property seekers in the beachfront destination. 

As the main properties, you will find apartments, penthouses, villas and townhouses. In addition, there are exclusive penthouses. 

The uniqueness of apartments in La Mer stems from minimalist designs. In La Mer, apartments are available in studios to 5-bedroom configurations.

The in-house specifications of the available apartments in La Mer are:

  • Spacious bedrooms
  • 2 to 5 bathrooms
  • A servant’s room
  • A kitchen
  • Spacious dining area
  • A balcony. 

The in-community facilities include:

  • Private gardens
  • A yacht club
  • Private beach access
  • State-of-the-art gymnasiums
  • Outdoor parks
  • Children’s play areas
  • Swimming pools(separate pools for kids).

La Mer Jumeirah also constitutes exclusive penthouses in 4 to 6-bedroom configurations.

The constituents of these properties are:

  • Master bedrooms
  • A maid’s room
  • Five to seven bathrooms
  • A modern kitchen
  • A living room
  • A laundry room
  • A storage room
  • Spacious roof terrace 

The description of property profiles in La Mer will not be complete without referring to the available spacious villas and waterfront townhouses. 

In La Mer, you can choose from 3 and 4-bedroom villas or 3 to 5-bedroom townhouses.

Property Rental Trends in La Mer

There can be no disappointment to people looking for rental properties in La Mer, given the availability.

Rental properties–apartments and villas–are available in La Mer. 

Given the current rental trends, 1-bedroom apartments call for rent in the range from AED 90k to AED 177k. 

2-BHK flats for rent in La Mer can be between AED 138k to 240k.

If you want more spacious Jumeirah apartments for rent, you can have the option of renting 3 or 4-bedroom apartments.

According to the prevailing rental trends, the rents for 3-bedroom apartments in La Mer hover within AED 320k to 370k. But, again, that for 4-bedroom apartments in La Mer comes at around AED 365k.

In addition to the apartments, you will also find villas for rent in La Mer. However, the number is lesser than apartments. 

In La Mer, you will find the rent for a 5-bedroom villa in La Mer at around AED 700k. And the villas are equipped with all the essential and modern amenities and facilities.

Property Sales Trends in La Mer

If you do not like the idea of renting a property in La Mer, you can consider investing in one instead.

Properties for sale in La Mer include excellent apartments and villas. And the current pricing structure is as follows:

  • Studios for sale in La Mer cost around AED 1.49M
  • A 1-bedroom apartment for sale in La Mer is priced between AED 1.19M to 3.0M
  • 2 BHK apartments for sale in La Mer are priced from AED 1.64M to AED 4.89M
  • 3-bedroom apartments in La Mer are priced from AED 1.85M to AED 8.5M
  • 4-bedroom apartments for sale in La Mer can coast in between AED 6.5M to AED 19.8M
  • 5-bedroom apartments for sale in La Mer can be within AED 14M to AED 42M

In addition, you can find other apartments for sale with a high-end lifestyle and complete privacy. Besides, you will find villas for sale in Jumeirah with quality lifestyle amenities.

In the next category, you will find excellent penthouses for sale in La Mer. And the sales prices are:

  • In between AED 7.6M to AED 20M for 4-bedroom units
  • Within the range of AED 14M to AED 43M for 5-bedroom penthouses for sale in La Mer
  • Between AED 14.5M and AED 28M for 6-bedroom penthouses for sale in La Mer 

Again, you will find villas for sale at high prices. But, you can justify the higher price tags if you consider the benefits, such as the proximity to shopping, entertainment and tourist destinations.

Therefore, you can consider investing in a villa at La Mer if you can afford them. And villas in La Mer are available in 3 to 5-bedroom units. 

The prevailing sale pricing trend is as follows:

  • Sales price for a 3-bedroom villa in La Mer costs in between AED 3M and AED 7.5M
  • 4-bedroom villas in La Mer are priced between AED 9.3M and AED 11M
  • 5-bedroom villas for sale in La Mer can cost between AED 12.9M and AED 16.5M

If you want a different property, you can consider townhouses for sale in Jumeirah. And the townhouses are available in 3 to 5-bedroom configurations.

The current sale pricing pattern is:

  • 3-bedroom townhouses for sale in La Mer cost within the range of AED 5.85M and AED 8.75M
  • 4-bedroom townhouses for sale in La Mer are priced within AED 4.95M and AED 13.2M
  • 5-bedroom townhouses in La Mer cost between AED 8.5M and AED 22M

Hotels in Lar Mer

In La Mer, you will see one of the best hotels in Dubai–Rove La Mer, situated on the shores of the iconic La Mer beachfront.

The hotel’s surrounding area is also an attractive feature, let alone the services. With attractive culinary concepts, interactive art, sandy sun-downers and adventure waterparks, the surrounding area itself indirectly suggests the hotel quality.

You can even consider a long-term stay in the hotel with 366 rooms. And the associated facilities of the hotel are round-the-clock accessible luggage storage rooms, a sun deck, a best-in-class gym and an outdoor terrace.

Parking Facilities in La Mer

In all the residential properties, there are dedicated parking spaces. In addition, in apartment blocks, townhouse complexes, and villas, there are dedicated parking spaces in La Mer.

Public Transportation in La Mer

If you do not like the idea of maintaining a private vehicle, you can depend on the public transport facilities in La Mer.

There are many bus stops to catch public buses. The main public bus stops in La Mer are–Beach Center 1 & 2, Palm Strip Center, Jumeirah Center, and Century Plaza bus stop. 

The Financial Center Metro Station is the nearest metro station to travel by the Dubai Metro.

Shopping Facilities in La Mer

There are many best-in-class supermarkets near La Mer. You can shop for your daily grocery needs from those supermarkets. 

The following are the nearest supermarkets:

  • Maha Supermarket
  • LuLu Xpress – Jumeirah
  • F Mart Supermarket
  • Sharq Al Madina Supermarket LLC
  • Yamama Hypermarket L L C.

In addition, you will find a branch of Spinneys supermarkets in Dubai in Jumeirah 1. It is a 5-minute driving distance from La Mer.

Worshiping Facilities in La Mer

In La Mer, there are mosques, churches and temples.

You will find mosques near La Mer Jumeirah, and they are accessible within a 4 to 6-minute driving distance.

In addition, there are local mosques–Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Masjid, 28A Street Mosque, Jumeirah Mosque, Qasim Ahmed Seddiqi Mosque and Imam Hussein Mosque.

Notably, the Jumeirah Mosque is a spectacular mosque with intricate architectural design. Again, the mosque allows non-Muslim visitors to promote cultural understanding.

The Glorious Ministries International Church at Al Wasl is around a 14-minute drive away from La Mer.

The other churches near La Mer are St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Coptic Church, Holy Trinity Church, and Bible Baptist Church Dubai.

For the Hindus, the Sai Baba Temple Jumeirah is a 5-minute drive. And other Hindu temples are accessible by around a 19-minute drive by car.

Guru Nanak Darbar,  the world’s first ISO certified gurdwara, located in Jebel Ali Village, 30 minutes away  by car.

Notably, the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple is accessible within a 3-minute driving distance.

Schooling Facility

In addition to shops and retail outlets in La Mer, there are excellent schooling facilities nearby. 

You can send your kids to the nursery to receive early education. 

Nurseries are away by around a 5-minutes drive, and they are:

  • Kinderville Nursery 
  • Mon Ecole French Nursery

Again, there are also good schools near La Mer Jumeirah, and they are:

  • Jumeira Baccalaureate School
  • Al Shaab School
  • Al Shorouq Private School

Out of these schools, the Jumeira Baccalaureate School deserves special mention.

The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and is a co-educational school.

The school features:

  • A home-grown vegetable garden
  • Two tennis courts
  • A two-storey library
  • A media centre
  • Playgrounds
  • Computer labs
  • Music studios
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Cafeterias. 

Given the standards, the school is a top institution situated on Al Wasl Road.

Again, Al Shaab School is another good school. It admits students from 3 to 16 years of age. 

The school features:

  • A football field
  • An auditorium
  • A canteen
  • Covered play areas
  • A large playground
  • A prayer room

The school, situated at Al Satwa, provides good extra-curricular activities in addition to academics.

Al Shorouq Private School is another popular school in Jumeirah. The school has three sections–each for the boys, the girls and the KG students. 

The school, situated at Al Wasl Road, is 10 minutes from the Canadian University Dubai in City Walk.

Healthcare Facilities Near La Mer

There are many clinics and hospitals near La Mer. And, these include:

  • Infinity The Family Medicine Clinic
  • Jumeirah American Clinic
  • GMCClinics

Jumeirah American Clinic and Infinity, The Family Medicine Clinic, are located in The Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1.

GMCClinics offers excellent healthcare services, including the doctor on-call service.

Leisure Activities in La Mer

There will be no shortage of leisure activities when you are in La Mer.

The popular landmarks in La Mer include:

  • Laguna Waterpark
  • Roxy Cinema La Mer
  • Hawa Hawa

Fitness Facilities near La Mer

In La Mer, you will find the following gyms near La Mer:

  • My First Gym Dubai Al Wasl
  • 51 Gym Dubai
  • Train Beach Club

There are also many spas and salons near La Mer Dubai, such as:

  • Sanctuary Spa
  • Cut Above Hair Beauty & Nail Salon
  • Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa
  • Aroma Spa

Ladies can get massages and relaxation in the spas. And, the spas and salons in La Mer are 4 to 9 minutes’ drive away.

Moreover, you can enjoy some of the best beaches in the UAE.


Given the thrill of living in La Mer, investing in a property there is a wise decision. Living in a beachfront community has its special excitement. And, you can undergo the excitement by staying in a property in La Mer.

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