Popular Areas to Live in Dubai for Food Lovers

5 Most Popular Areas to Live in Dubai for Food Lovers

Many readers of this article will be food lovers. Let us call them foodies. 

Such readers will get the privilege of discovering the specific places in Dubai that are replete with food outlets. 

If you look at Dubai from an overall perspective, you will see that good food outlet are all around. So, there seems to arise no need to specifically search for places with more food outlets.

Even due to the availability of several restaurants in Dubai, there are some places that are exclusively great for food outlets.

It does not matter whether you want to have a traditional dish or western cuisine, there are five specific places in Dubai that can exclusively cater to the varying needs of the foodie in you. 

Again, you need not worry about your budget constraints. Those five places can help satisfy your food desires of any type and at any time.

So, here are those five foodie-centric places in Dubai:

#1. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai can be regarded as one of the best communities in Dubai. And, for foodies, it is a popular place, especially for those who love street food at low prices. And, they can have plenty of options to choose from the excellent Bur Dubai restaurants.

Notably, the Al Karama district is popular as Dubai’s desi food capital, which also has some of the best Indian restaurants, regarded as gems of the city, 

Due to the predominance of different types of food outlets, Bur Dubai has been a paradise for expats.

Again, there is another advantage of living in Bur Dubai parallel to the wide range of food options–affordable accommodation.

You will get flats for rent in Bur Dubai that are among the most affordable options in Dubai. Given the current market trends, the rents for studios in Bur Dubai are around AED 33k. And that for 1-bed apartments are at around AED 50k.

In Bur Dubai, you can rent a 2-bed apartment at around AED 68k, and a 3-bed apartment at around AED 92k.

Likewise, affordability is visible in the properties for sale in Bur Dubai. According to the prevailing standards, the price of studios for sale in Bur Dubai is AED 999k. And, that 1-bed and 2-bed apartments are at around AED 1.39M and AED 2.15M, respectively. 

Given the current standards, the sale prices of 3-bed apartments in Bur Dubai are at around AED 4.04M.

#2. Dubai Marina

For foodies, Dubai Marina can be the next preferred community to stay in Dubai. Given the fooding facilities and accommodation options, it is one of the best areas to live in Dubai. And, there are beautiful towers with apartments that give waterfront views.

You will find top fine-dining restaurants in Dubai Marina. For example, Indego by Vineet and Bussola is among the top-class restaurants in Dubai Marina.

Again, there is an exclusive collection of restaurants and cafes in Marina Walk where you can fulfill your fooding urges to your heart’s content. 

Moreover, you will find many food choices in Pier 7, Atelier M, Asia, and Abd El Wahab restaurants in Dubai Marina.

In this part of Dubai, you will get to lead upscale living, and owning a residential property in Dubai Marina can enable the enjoyment of waterfront living.

Given the current standards, a rental studio in Dubai Marina entails an expenditure of around  AED 57k.

If you are single or a couple, you can consider renting a 1-bed apartment that is priced at around AED 91k.

You also have the option of choosing a 2-bed and 3-bed apartment for rent in Dubai Marina, and that calls for the rent of AED 139k. A 3-bed rental unit costs AED 210k per year.

There are also attractive apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. Given the current standards, you should spend around AED 831k for a studio for sale in Dubai Marina. And, for purchasing a 2-bed or 3-bed apartment in Dubai Marina, you should spend around AED 1.28M and  AED 2M, respectively.

In Dubai Marina, you can have the option to purchase a 3-bed apartment that can cost around AED 3.40M. 

Besides, it can be a profitable option to buy an apartment in Dubai Marina to rent out as it can entail an attractive RoI of 6.78%.

#3. Business Bay

Next, the exclusive restaurants in Business Bay come into the spotlight. Given the fooding options all around, Business Bay is one of the best residential places for foodies in Dubai. 

In the restaurants, you will get all types of cuisines, and the amazing street food attracts more and more foodies to Business Bay.

There are many top-class restaurants in Business Bay, such as Tong Thai, known for authentic Thai cuisine; Kitchen 6, known for buffets with culinary options from all over the world.

In addition, you will find famous Indian restaurants in Business Bay, such as Curry Box, Rang Mahal, and Bikanervala.

The popularity of Business Bay is not restricted to being a food hotspot alone. The place is also known for being a commercial and residential place in Dubai.

Here, you will get many types of residential properties, such as high-end apartments for rent and sale.

According to the prevailing trends, the rent for apartments in Business Bay is within the affordable range. For 1,2,3-bedroom apartments, you need to pay the rents of AED 79k, AED 118k, and AED 160k, respectively. 

Again, the prevailing rent for studios in Business Bay is at around AED 57k. 

Foreigners can look for flats for sale in Business Bay, which is a freehold community. And, there are flats for sale from studios to 3-bed configurations.

According to the current standards, the sale price of studios in Business Bay is around AED 819k. And, for 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments, the sale prices are AED 1.22M, AED 2.02M, and AED 3.25M, respectively. 

Again, the RoI from a property purchase at Business Bay is at around 5.76%.

#4. Al Barsha

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Al Barsa is a food haven in Dubai. So, it is high on the list of popular places in Dubai for foodies. 

With plenty of excellent Al Barsha restaurants, you can satisfy your cravings for delicious food. The popular restaurants in Al Barsha are Daily Express, Spinzer, Gharana, Barbeque Nation, and Bikanervala.

In addition to being a food haven, Al Barsha also is an affordable place to live with your family. There is affordable rent for apartments in Al Barsha.

Apartments in Al Barsha have beautiful parks and all the essential amenities. Given the current trends, the rents for apartments in Al Barsha are at around AED 36k, AED 51k, AED 69k, and AED 98k for studios, 1,2, and 3-bedroom units.

In addition to apartments, there are affordable villas for rent in Al Barsha.

Buying a property for sale in Al Barsha can also be a sensible option. 

You can purchase a studio for sale in Al Barsha at around AED 444k. And, for 1 and 2-bed apartments, the current sale prices are at around AED 889k and AED 1.12M, respectively.

Besides, property investment in Al Barsha can entail an attractive RoI of 5.35%.

#5.Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT)

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a popular residential community, which is situated off Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). 

The notable features of the high-rise community are pedestrian-friendly landscaped areas and a spectacular artificial lake. 

You will find many restaurants in JLT, from budget-friendly ones to expensive options.

The popular restaurants in JLT are Woyko, Couqley French Bistro & Bar, and Nara Pan Asian. Moreover, there are many Indian restaurants in JLT that serve South Asian cuisine. 

JLT is also a popular residential area. And, there are many flats for sale in JLT, giving investors a wide range of options. 

Apartments in JLT come with spectacular views of the surrounding skyline. And, the apartments are with modern amenities. Besides, the sale prices of the apartments are within the affordable range.

If you choose to stay on rent in JLT, you can choose a studio that can be with a rent of around AED 47k.

Also, you can have the option to rent an apartment of 1,2, and 3-bedroom configurations, And, for that, you should pay the rent of AED 66k, AED 96k, and AED 134k, respectively.

You can also consider purchasing a property in JLT. And, the sale prices are affordable. According to the current trends, the sale prices of a studio in JLT are around AED 540k.

For 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments, you need to pay AED 911k, AED 1.50M, and AED 2.34M, respectively.

Moreover, property investment in JLT can entail an RoI of around 7.87%.

#6. Palm Jumeirah

It is one of the most preferred communities in Dubai and is a popular destination for foodies. 

The good news for foodies is that there are more than 70 restaurants in Palm Jumeirah. And, the restaurants offer exciting choices, making living in Dubai exciting and fun-filled. 

The reputation of Palm Jumeirah is not only confined to being a food hotspot. It is also known for excellent beachfront properties.

If you are looking for luxurious living, Palm Jumeirah can be the perfect destination.

Here, you can get plenty of high-end residential properties–apartments, villas, and townhomes.

With many affordable apartments for rent in Palm Jumeirah, you will find staying in the community a smooth affair. 

A rental studio in Palm Jumeirah can come at around AED 90k. And, if you rent a 1-bed apartment, you should pay a rent of around AED 150k.

Given the current standards, the rent for a 2-bed apartment in Palm Jumeirah is around AED 200k, and that for 3-bed apartments is at around AED 277k.

Again, the sales prices of apartments in Palm Jumeirah are also within the affordable range. 

Given the current trends, the sale prices of studios in Palm Jumeirah are at around AED 1.54M. And, for 1-bed and 2-bed apartments, you need to pay the sale prices of around AED  2.65M, and AED 3.41M, respectively.

Also, you can reap an RoI of around 5.35% by investing in a property in Palm Jumeirah.

Furthermore, there is also the option to rent a villa in Palm Jumeirah. According to the current standard, renting a 3-bed villa can entail an expenditure of AED 675k. And, for a 4-bed and 5-bed villa, the rents can be around AED 982k, and AED 1.33M, respectively.

Again, you can also consider investing in a villa in Palm Jumeirah. 

According to the current sales trends, the price of a 3-bed villa is around AED 22M. And, that for a 4-bed and 5-bed villa are at around AED 20M, and AED 36M, respectively.

Also, the RoI from property investment in Palm Jumeirah can be approximately 4.31%.


What are the best places in Dubai for Indian families that are with excellent dining options?

Given the amenities, JLT and Business Bay can be the perfect places for food-living Indian families. In these areas, there are plenty of Indian restaurants, such as Gazebo, Raju Omlet, Sagar Ratna, Ananta, and Bikanervala.

What are the best places for singles to live in Dubai?

Singles can choose Downtown Dubai, JBR, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah, where there are plenty of attractions, and food outlets. Given the features, singles can lead an enjoyable life in these places.

What are the best places for expats to live in Dubai?

Expats can stay anywhere in Dubai. However, Mirdif, Arabian Ranches, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, and JBR can be special due to the extra privileges.


Dubai is not only a land of luxury but also a land of diverse foods. So, foodies can choose one of the communities described in this article to make it their home. It will serve dual purposes–satisfy food cravings and help lead a luxurious lifestyle in an enjoyable setting.