Apartment Rental Areas in Bur Dubai

The Popular Apartment Rental Areas in Bur Dubai

Arranging for rental accommodation is one of the most essential things to do before relocating to a new city. So, it also is what to do before moving to Dubai.

There has been a remarkable increase in skyscrapers and new swanky towns in Dubai. Their charm can allure you to select a rental accommodation in one of such places.

Even so, there can be a special place for you to look for a rental property–Bur Dubai, an old neighborhood in Dubai.

The neighborhood has attracted increased demand for rental properties during the last few years.

In addition to being famous for having low-rise buildings and traditional souks, there are popular leisure destinations, such as the Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park, in Bur Dubai.

So, it can be a good idea to look at the popular communities in Bur Dubai, and the average rental prices if you are in the process of relocating to the community.

Why Rent Apartments in Bur Dubai?

Although you must have got a gist of the benefits of living in Bur Dubai, you should explore more insights, as that will provide you with a holistic view of the neighborhood. 

In Bur Dubai, you will find the essential facilities to make your life convenient, such as supermarkets, and healthcare facilities. 

There are supermarkets, like BurJuman Mall and WAFI Mall, and hospitals and clinics. In addition, there is well-developed public transport, comprising metro stations, bus stops, and taxis.

In addition, Bur Dubai houses many heritage projects.

People looking to rent apartments in Bur Dubai will find many affordable units in different varieties. And, the range includes cozy studios to spacious 3 and 4-bedroom apartments.

Therefore, it makes sense to explore the existing rental trends in Bur Dubai, as that will help you to make a firm decision regarding renting in the community.

Top Areas to Rent Apartments in Bur Dubai

Given the ongoing trend, the popularity list of areas for rent in Bur Dubai is Al Mankhool, Oud Metha, Al Raffa, Al Hamriya, and Al Souk Al Kabeer in terms of decreasing popularity.

Al Mankhool

Renting apartments in Al Mankhool is the first option among prospective tenants in Bur Dubai. There are the best hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and leisure destinations in Al Mankhool. 

In addition, there are convenient public transport facilities with three metro stations available in the area.

Moreover, there are many residential apartments for renting in Al Mankhool.

According to the current trends, the average rental price of a studio apartment in Al Mankhool is AED 32k. And, the rent is AED 46k for a 1 BHK apartment for rent in the area.

For renting a 2-bed apartment in the area, you need to pay around AED 63k as rent. Also, the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Al Mankhool is around AED 88k on average.

In the locality, you will also find the best hotels in Bur Dubai.

Oud Metha

You can find rental apartments in Oud Metha at affordable prices. It is a family-friendly community with several foreign families. 

Oud Metha is a family-friendly community with different recreational facilities, like Al Nasr Leisureland, educational facilities, such as Indian High School.

According to the prevailing standards, the rent for studio apartments in Oud Metha is around AED 30k. And, the rental prices for 1-bedroom apartments in Oud Metha are AED 46k.

Given the prevailing trends, a 2-bedroom apartment in Oud Metha calls for an average rental price of AED 62k.

You can also look at 3-bedroom flats for rent in Oud Metha at around AED 91k.

Al Raffa

It is a preferred community to rent apartments in Bur Dubai. Al Raffa has essential facilities for leading a convenient lifestyle.

In addition to being well-connected with metro and bus stops, Al Raffa has retail shops, schools, nurseries, clinics, and gymnasiums.

According to the current standards, the rent for a studio apartment in Al Raffa is around AED 30k.

The average price of a 1-bed flat for rent in Al Raffa is AED 45k per year.

Again, the average rent for 2-bedroom flats in Al Raffa is AED 63k. And, for 3-bedroom apartments in Al Raffa, the rental prices are around AED 89k.

Al Hamriya

In Al Hamriya, you will see many consulates, and Marsa Al Seef, a popular leisure destination that showcases the traditional architecture of the UAE.

There are many affordable apartments for rent in Al Hamriya. Given the current trends, studio rentals in Al Hamriya call for an average price of AED 31k.

Again, the rent for a 1-bed apartment in Al Hamriya is around AED 45k. And, for a 2-bedroom flat in Al Hamriya, the rent is around AED 63k.

Al Souk Al Kabeer

Al Souk Al Kabeer is the last option on the list to rent apartments in Bur Dubai.

This bustling neighborhood consists of supermarkets, contemporary art galleries, tea shops, outdoor dining establishments, and mosques.

Moreover, there are many affordable apartments for rent in Al Souk Al Kabeer, from studio to three-bedroom units.

Given the current trends, the rent of studios in Al Souk Al Kabeer is around AED 30k. And, 1-bed and 2-bed apartments call for the rents of AED 43k, and AED 61k.

There are many parking places and public transportation in Al Souk Al Kabeer.


Believe it or not, there is a charm in living in the old neighborhoods of Dubai. Bur Dubai is an excellent neighborhood, an old one, that offers convenient and enjoyable living for residents. Therefore, you can consider renting an apartment in Bur Dubai if you are looking for rental accommodation in Dubai.