Investing in a Property in Shakhbout City? The Key Trends to Know

Investing in a Property in Shakhbout City? The Key Trends to Know

Shakhbout City, also known as Khalifa City B, is an excellent residential area of Abu Dhabi.

The area is near Baniyas and Al Shawamekh of the emirate. Shakhbout City is regarded as a popular area for renting affordable villas in Abu Dhabi.

The attractiveness of staying in Shakhbout City is the availability of premium residential housing at affordable prices. Given the prevalent choices, young couples and families prefer to stay in the area.

The Snapshot

  • Peaceful neighborhood 
  • Situated on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi
  • Affordable and spacious villas
  • Excellent area for young couples and families with children
  • Convenient for those regularly commuting to Dubai
  • Availability of schools and educational institutions
  • Near to Yas Island 
  • Excellent entertainment options

Shakhbout City allows residents to undergo the convenience of affordable housing, and the peace of staying in a quiet area. 

Due to the notable advantages in staying in Khalifa City B, the area has become one of the best areas to live in Abu Dhabi. 

If you look at the property structure and distribution pattern in Khalifa City B, you will see modern amenities and facilities in all 

apartments and villas in the neighborhood that do not fall short of your expectations. 

Given the prevailing trends, you will find plenty of identical, detached or semi-detached 3 to 6-bedroom villas in Khalifa City B. In these properties, there is ample space to accommodate larger families.

There are also apartments in the studio to 3-bedroom configurations.

Property Trends in Khalifa City B

With excellent apartments and villas in Khalifa City B, the neighborhood has become an attractive option for families and singles.

While apartments and villas are attractive for families, studios are attractive for singles. Again, there arises no reason to feel hesitation if you are an expatriate. In Khalifa City B, many expatriates have settled. As a result, you will see people from South Asia, and the West staying in the neighborhood. 

In addition, if you have school-going children, sending them to school will not be a problem at all. In Khalifa City B, there are several schools offering international-curriculum.

Rental Trends in Shakhbout City

Affordability is the hallmark in the rental prices for properties in Shakhbout City. Given the current trends, the average rent for a studio in Khalifa City B is at around AED 24k.

Rents for 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments are at around AED 36k and AED 41k, respectively. 

Also, a rental 3-bedroom apartment can come at around AED 60k to AED 90k, according to the prevailing standards.

If you want to rent a villa in Shakhbout City, it is advisable to consider a spacious 3-bedroom unit. For such a villa, the current rental prices are at around AED 111k. You can also choose a 7-bedroom villa if you have a considerably larger family. And, a 7-bedroom rental house  can call for the rental price of around AED 145k.

Due to the affordable rental structure, Shakhbout City has become a popular residential community in Abu Dhabi. 

Sales Trends in Shakhbout City

If you want to invest in a property in Shakhbout City, you will find plenty of them in the community.

There are excellent villas for sale in the 3 to 10-bedroom configurations. And, the villas are equipped with all essential amenities. 

According to the current standards, the price of a 5-bedroom villa for sale in Shakhbout City is around AED 5.6M. And, the sale price of a 6-bedroom house in Khalifa City B is at around AED 6M.

In addition, you will find many residential plots for sale in Shakhbout City that are priced between AED 2.7M to AED 3.7M.

Furthermore, there are also excellent penthouses for sale in Shakhbout City.

The high RoIs associated with a property purchase in Shakhbout City is another notable feature. 

According to the current trends, you can expect rental returns of 7.5% and 7.4% by investing in a 7-bed and 5-bedroom villa. 

Again, the returns can be 6.9%, 6.5%, and 6.8% for 6, 8 and 9-bed villas.

Moreover, you will get good hotel apartments for sale in Shakhbout City.

Hotels in Shakhbout City

In Shakhbout City, there is the Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel. It is a 4-star hotel with 242 guest rooms. 

The attractiveness of the suites arises from the intermixing of traditional and modern Arabic designs. 

In the hotel, there are facilities, such as all-day dining, fitness facilities, high-speed internet connectivity and high-end room keeping.

Public Transportation and Parking Facilities

There are public bus facilities available in the community. So, you can commute within the community without using your own car. 

Again, there are parking facilities in Shakhbout City. So, there can be no problem if you own a car. 

In all villa communities, there are well-planned parking spaces for residents. In addition, visitor parking is also available in the community.

Shopping Facilities

In Shakhbout City, shopping can never be an issue due to the presence of many supermarkets. 

Big brands, such as Carrefour and Spinneys, operate in the community. Moreover, there are smaller supermarkets and mini-marts in Shakhbout City to cater to the daily essentials of the residents.

In addition, there are specially named Pink Shops in Shakhbout City. And, that is a row of buildings with stores on both sides. 

In Pink Shops, there are groceries stores, salons, dry cleaners, and barbers. Interestingly, people from many parts of Abu Dhabi come to do their shopping in the Pink Shops.

Near Shakhbout City, there is the famous Dalma Mall and Al Raha Mall. Also, Yas Island is nearby and is replete with shopping, entertainment and leisure options.

Worshiping Facilities

People of all religions can find worshiping facilities in Shakhbout City. You will find a mosque–the Bani Hashim–in the community.

There is the Mar Thoma Church, which is a 13 minute drive away. And, the nearest temple is in Jebel Ali, Dubai. The temple is an hour’s drive from the community.

Educational Facilities

As we have already mentioned, there are excellent educational facilities in Shakhbout City. As such, you can send your children to good schools in the community.

The popular nurseries in the community are–Dorcas and Little Acorns–so, educating your kids will not be a problem while staying in Shakhbout City. 

In addition, you will find many good schools in the neighborhood–Virginia International Private School, Al Surouh American School and Al Ittihad National Private School–with international curriculum. 

Also, there are the Modern Private School and Al Maharat Private School, with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) curriculum.

There are more schools in Shakhbout City, such as Australian School of Abu Dhabi, California American School, International Academic School and Sharjah American International School Abu Dhabi.

Again, you will face no problem if your children are in the university going age. There are universities near Shakhbout City–Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain University of Science and Technology.

Healthcare Facilities

Due to the availability of good healthcare facilities, you can address any health issues of yourself or your family members in the good clinics and hospitals in Shakhbout City.

In the neighborhood, there are the following healthcare facilities:

  • Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centre, specializing in long-term medical care
  • Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, providing advanced burn treatment, and pediatrics, orthopedics and other infectious diseases
  • NMC Royal and Mediclinic Hospital

In addition, there are a few pharmacies in the community. 

Nearby Areas

It will not be wrong to say that living in Shakhbout City poses conveniences in many respects.

As the neighborhood is located northeast of the Mohammed Bin Zayed City, you can quickly move to the other areas of Abu Dhabi. Again, the Abu Dhabi International Airport is not far away. 

Among the notable nearby locations, Baniyas, Al Shawamekh, and Zayed City are worth mentioning.

Again, the Khalifa City A district is also nearby. 

Moreover, Shakhbout City is near to Dubai and is connected to the city through the Ghweifat International Highway.


If you like dining out, Shakhbout City can be the best place for you. There are excellent restaurants in the neighborhood apart from a few fast-food outlets.

Shakhbout City also has many cafeterias and take-out restaurants. Again, if you like to enjoy nightlife, you can head to the nearby Yas Island, where you will find the best hotels, bars, cafés and fine-dining restaurants.


Staying in Shakhbout City also comes with an incentive–getting the opportunity to take your family to the beach. 

Many families prefer enjoying the beach on weekends. And, for them, staying in the neighborhood can be a good option.

From Shakhbout City, the spectacular beaches in Abu Dhabi are not far away, and you can reach them within 30 minutes.

Al Raha Beach is 20 minutes away from the neighborhood. And, the Saadiyat Public Beach is about a half-an-hour drive.

Outdoor and Fitness Activities

There are a variety of outdoor activities in Shakhbout City. The notable ones are:

  • Abu Dhabi Golf Club, located 20 minutes away
  • Al Forsan International Sports Resort that offers a variety of exciting activities including archery, horse-riding and shooting

Shakhbout City is near to the ‘park behind the Pink Shops’, over in Khalifa City A. And, it is a short drive to Mohammed Bin Zayed City’s public park. 

In these exciting areas, there are landscaped areas for your children to play. And, there are benches for you to sit and enjoy some fresh air.

In addition, you can have the option to go to the music festivals in Yas Marina, and art exhibitions in Saadiyat Island to enjoy the pop shows.

If you are a fitness freak, you can go to a smaller or larger fitness center in Shakhbout City. For example, you will find Fitness First near the community. 

In addition, you will find many small gyms in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

There are also many spas and salons in Shakhbout City. So, your family members can go about beautifying themselves. Besides, there is also the option of heading to McQueen Spa for a relaxing massage.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Shakhbout City

Despite the fact that there are many perks of moving to Shakhbout City in terms of leading a comfortable lifestyle, involving luxury amenities and spacious villas, there are a few things to consider before moving there. 

One, the area is developing, so you will find constructions going on there. Two, you might be somewhat isolated as the neighborhood is a little isolated from the main city. However, a short drive can make you feel as if you are inside a busy city due to the presence of numerous retail stores, restaurants, etc.


It can be a wise decision to purchase a property in Shakhbout City, which can give your family an enjoyable and peaceful living experience. Remarkably, the availability of a wide variety of properties at affordable prices can make property ownership easy for most classes of people.