Popular Buildings to Rent Apartments in Ajman Downtown

Popular Buildings to Rent Apartments in Ajman Downtown

Smallness cannot be a spoilsport in the popularity game. The UAE’s smallest emirate—Ajman—is the testimony.

The emirate has attracted many foreigners to stay there as tenants or house owners during the recent past.

You can consider staying in the smallest emirate of the country if you are moving to the United Arab Emirates.

If you are in the process of relocating to the emirate, you need to gain a fair idea of the rental property market in Ajman.

By renting Ajman Downtown’s property, you can give your family an enjoyable and convenient place to stay.

To assist the ones like you, preparing to relocate to the country, you have come up with brief but resourceful descriptions of the popular builds to rent apartment buildings in Ajman Downtown. 

Ajman Pearl Towers

It is a popular building to rent apartments in Ajman Downtown. Many foreigners have already been staying as tenants in the building, situated in Al Rashidiya 1. And, several foreigners prefer to rent apartments is Ajman Pearl Towers.

Ajman Pearl Towers is a family-friendly building near Ajman City Centre. The twelve-building unit lies near to the essential facilities, like healthcare centers, schools, and shopping centers. Ajman City Centre is a famous shopping destination in Ajman.

In addition, the connectivity between Ajman and Al Ittihad Road (E11) is excellent. So, residents who live in Ajman and work in Dubai can find it convenient to commute for work. The straightforward connectivity also eases residents to quickly commute to the Ajman free zone.

In Ajman Pearl Towers, apartments are well-built and come with dedicated parking spaces.

Given the prevailing trends, renting studios in Ajman Pearl Towers will call for a price of  around AED 13k.

1-bedroom apartments for rent in Ajman Pearl Towers call for a rent of around AED 19k. And for 2-bedroom flats in Ajman Pearl Towers, you should pay a rent of around AED 26k. 

Horizon Tower

The building stands in the second spot in the list of popular buildings to rent apartments in Ajman.

The uniqueness of Horizon Tower is the string of retail spaces under the apartments. The residential building is situated along the street from Al Khor Tower.

Again, the complex houses a supermarket, a pharmacy, and some restaurants to facilitate the residents.

In addition, there is a shared gym, pool and garden in the Horizon Towers, which also offers eye-catching views of Ajman Creek.

According to the prevailing standards, rents for studios in Horizon Tower are at around AED 14k. And, the prevailing rent for 1-bedroom apartments in the building is at around AED 21k. Again, 2-bedroom flats in Horizon Towers call for a rent of around AED 29k. 

Al Khor Towers 

The building is another popular residential building in Ajman. It comprises 16 floors in each of the nine associated residential buildings. Moreover, residents in the building find living in Ajman Downtown enjoyable.

The residential building is situated in Al Rashidiya 1. It comprises 576 apartments in  studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units.

Interestingly, residents in some apartments can get the privilege of viewing spectacular waterfront views of the nearby harbor. 

In the constituent apartments, security is tight with the installation of CCTV cameras in the building and security personnel guarding it round-the-clock.

There are essential facilities in the residential complex, like supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and retails.

Moreover, the availability of public transportation nearby eases the commuting of residents without cars.

Given the current trends, rent for 1-bed flats in Al Khor Towers is at around AED 18k. While the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is at around AED 26k, that for a 3-bedroom flat is at around AED 35k. 

FAQs About Apartments for Rent in Ajman

#1. Where Can I Rent an Apartment in Ajman Downtown?

You can rent apartments in buildings, such as Ajman Pearl Towers, Horizon Tower

Falcon Tower and Al Khor Towers in Ajman Downtown.

#What is the Minimum Rent I Should Pay in Renting an Apartment in Ajmal Downtown?

According to the prevailing trends, the minimum for apartments in Ajman Downtown is AED 13k for studios. You will find them in Ajman Pearl Towers. 


Before relocating, you should brush up your knowledge of the availability of rental properties in the emirate. Due to the affordability of rental properties at affordable rents in Ajman, you will gain substantial benefits in terms of giving your family an enjoyable and convenient lifestyle at affordable prices.