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Popular Areas with Amazing Villas For Rent in The Lakes Dubai

Living in a premier residential community in Dubai multiplies the luxuriousness manifold. For people looking for such a community in the city, the Lakes Dubai can be the perfect option.

The family-friendly community is part of Dubai’s mega-development. And you can regard The Lakes as an excellent residential villa community with spacious villas, lush green surroundings and spectacular lakes.

But, first, you should examine the pros and cons of living in The Lakes Dubai before relocating to the community.

Renting Villas in The Lakes

There are plenty of houses for rent in The Lakes Dubai. However, given the predominance of villas, renting one of them can be the best option.

The villas for rent in The Lakes Dubai are collectively called by a special name–’ Lakes’. And the rental villas provide a peaceful living environment.

When you look at the entire rental landscape in The Lakes, you will notice that there can be multiple rational reasons for renting a villa in the community. And the reasons can be:

Gated Community

The Lakes is a gated community. So, you can reap the benefits of privacy and security. In addition, the community is surrounded by other residential neighborhoods such as Meadows Dubai, The Springs and Emirates Hills due to The Lakes being part of the Emirates Living mega-development.

All Amenities Close at Hand

There are almost all the essential amenities in the community, which include:

  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • A football field
  • Several swimming pools

In addition, The Lakes hosts a community center–The Lakes Club, which has a Fitness First gym, swimming pools, supermarket, and beauty salon.

There is also a nursery inside the community for sending your kids.

Ample Greenery

From within the community, you can see widespread greenery and spectacular lakes. And, you will see villas surrounded by eye-catching green landscaping, lush parks and beautiful lakes.

Schools Nearby

The Lakes community is near several schools. So, educating your kids will pose no problem. You have the following schooling options:

  • Dubai International Academy
  • Emirates International School
  • Dubai British School
  • Regent International School

Easy Access to Road Links

Staying on rent in The Lakes will give you easy access to road links such as Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and Al Khail Road (E44).

Notably, you can live in a peaceful and silent community near commercial and residential hubs, such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Besides, the Dubai International Airport is also easily accessible.

Best Renting Areas in The Lakes

You have gone through the advantages of renting in The Lakes. And now comes the next consideration–which are the best places to rent in the community?

So, read on to get an appropriate answer:


It is a popular sub-community to rent villas in The Lakes. You will find villas with detached and semi-detached layouts, something that can remind you of typical townhouses. And, there is the option of choosing middle and end units to suit your preferences.

Notably, you will find villas in Lakes Dubai at the edge of the community. And the villas are five minutes away from the Dubai International Academy.

The villas are best suited for all types of families. And the peaceful and silent atmosphere will add to the comfort of staying in The Lakes.

According to the prevailing trends, renting a 3-bedroom villa in Ghadeer will cost around AED 198k.


Of late, Zulal has become a popular community for renting villas. Many prospective tenants prefer renting a villa in Zulal due to the slew of benefits they can reap.

You can enjoy beautiful waterfront views as many villas are nearby to lakes. In addition, there are almost all the amenities in Zulal.

Currently, the rental prices for villas in Zulal are around AED 236k.


You can also consider renting a villa in Maeen. And, many tenants have preferred staying in Maeen.

You will get villas with 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units. So, you will get a suitable villa for rent even if you have a large family. Moreover, the Raffles Nursery is nearby. Besides, there are pools and parks in the Maeen neighborhood.

Other Areas to Look for Villas for Rent in The Lakes

In addition, in the areas we mentioned, there are other areas to look for villas for rent in The Lakes.

So, you can consider renting a villa in Hattan, located on The Lakes’s outskirts, with beautiful lakes and parks.

Likewise, the Meadows community is another area to look for villas for rent.

If you do not want to stay on rent, you can consider investing in a villa in The Lakes. There are many villas for sale in The Lakes Dubai in different neighborhoods of The Lakes.

Also, the community hosts the most affordable villas for rent in Dubai

The Best Waterfront Communities in The Lakes

The Lakes is one of the best waterfront communities in Dubai.

From the villas in the community, you can enjoy the eye-catching views of the spectacular artificial lakes. And the surrounding greeneries further add to the beauty of the place.

In addition to the enjoyment arising from enjoying the spectacular lakes, you can get the convenience of living near the popular areas in Dubai, such as the Palm Jumeirah and Marina.

Although all neighborhoods in The Lakes provide lake views, Ghadeer deserves a special mention. Eye-catching waterways and landscaped greenery surround it.

So, Ghadeer is perfect for residents preferring living by the waterside.

In the lakeside communities of Dubai, you can get waterfront houses for sale. If you invest in one and rent it out, you will get a return on investment of around 5.52%.

These days, people from all over the world prefer relocating to Dubai. So, the proportion of the foreign population in Dubai has been increasing during the last few years.

Why is Dubai Popular for Relocation?

The main attractiveness of staying in Dubai is the enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle, besides great career and business opportunities.

Remarkably, the nil income and property taxes have raised the urge worldwide to relocate to Dubai.

The Final Say

Your motive behind relocating to Dubai is no different. So, it will be wise to rent a villa in The Lakes. It will help you to give your family the best lifestyle. And, if your budget permits, you can consider investing in a villa in the community.

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