Mohammed Bin Zayed City

The Mohammed Bin Zayed City: Its Property Market in a Nutshell

Today, relocating to Abu Dhabi is a global trend, which means that people from across the world prefer settling in the emirate.

The arousal of the trend is not without specific reasons. However, if you analyze the factors behind the growing trend, you are likely to find the growing economy and an enjoyable lifestyle is the prime factors driving the trend.

Another notable aspect prompting the relocation is the attractiveness due to the privilege of paying no income tax in the UAE. So, working in the emirate means saving more money. Likewise, property owners are not required to pay any property taxes. And that is another appealing factor for the relocation.

If you are considering relocating to Abu Dhabi, you can consider moving to Mohammed Bin Zayed City. And the locals call the city the MBZ City.

The city, located on the mainland of Abu Dhabi, is a quiet residential place and one of the family-friendly areas in Abu Dhabi. And you will find many affordable villas for rent in MBZ City.

The city is between the planned mega project of Zayed City and Mussaffah. And the location allows quick access to the main highways.

The MBZ city is an aggregation of 34 clusters. And its proximity to Dubai and availability of many housing options at different price points make the city convenient for its residents.

In addition to the convenience due to the availability of all the essential facilities, living in Mohammed Bin Zayed City is affordable due to the low rental and property prices.

The key facts of the MBZ city:

  • Has a wide network of roads connecting different parts of the city
  • Family-friendly
  • Has a gated villa community
  • Affordable houses
  • Has good educational facilities
  • Allows convenient access to Dubai and other parts of the UAE

A high degree of security makes the city safe for families. In addition, many affordable housing options attract many expatriates from across the world.

Types of Properties in the MBZ City

In MBZ city, villas are the predominant property type. And the peculiarity of the villas is that they are identical, detached or semi-detached in contrast to the common high-rise ones. Moreover, such villas are the main renting properties in MBZ City.

People looking for rental properties in the city can choose from 3 to 6-bedroom villas. However, there are more options for prospective property investors.

In the city, there are mansions of 3-bedroom to 11-bedroom configurations and townhouses for property investors in the city. Moreover, there are many villas of 5,6 and 11-bedroom configurations for sale in the MBZ city.

Rental Scenario in the MBZ City

You will find many brand new villas for rent in MBZ City. As such, you have the convenience of finding a rental property quickly.

You can rent a 3-bedroom house in Zayed City. And for that, you need to pay AED 96k as rent. Such units bear around 2,000 square feet.

There is the option to rent a 4-bedroom villa in MBZ city. And the rent is around AED 123k. In addition, there are 5-bed villas in MBZ City, and they call for rent of around AED 144k. And the rent for a luxurious 6-bedroom villa in Mohammad Bin Zayed City varies from AED 140k to 230k.

Sales Scenario in the MBZ City

It can be a wise decision to purchase a house in the city, given the ample availability of MBZ City properties for sale.

According to the prevailing trends, a 5-bedroom villa for sale can cost around AED 5.6M. And buying a 6-bedroom villa in MBZ City will entail an expense of around AED 6M.

Availability of ample properties for renting and purchasing makes moving to Mohammed Bin Zayed City, where you will find brand new and ready-to-move-in properties apart from off-plan properties.

Prominent Areas to Buy Properties in the MBZ City

There are many properties under development in MBZ city. It is also near the Mazyad Mall with a range of properties.

When it comes to the most prominent areas for purchasing properties in the MBZ city, you can think of buying a villa in Mohammad Bin Zayed Centre, where you will find villas in 4 to 5-bedroom configurations.

You will also find property investment opportunities in Zone 12, 27, 19 and MBZ City Zone 17, where new property construction projects are in full swing.

In addition, you can consider Zone 19 and 24, where you will find a quiet atmosphere, ideal for families.

Transportation Facilities in the MBZ City

Regarding public transportation facilities in MBZ city, you will not find many public buses operating within the city, and there are a few bus stops. However, more bus stops and buses will come up in the city in the near future.

Therefore, commuting in the city can be convenient using your vehicle.

Moreover, there is another thing to note. The MBZ city is at a distance from the centre of Abu Dhabi. And, it will take some time to reach areas, such as the Corniche and nearby malls, from the MBZ city.

However, commuting within the city is convenient as a network of good roads allows direct access to Al Ain Road E22 and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Road E11.

You can also avail of the taxi services in the city. Again, there are dedicated parking spots in MBZ city. So, you will encounter no hassles in parking your car in the city. In all villas, you will find parking facilities.

Shopping Facilities in the MBZ City

In MBZ city, you will find excellent shopping facilities to buy your essential items. You will find retail stores and supermarkets, such as Leemar Supermarket and Little Star Supermarket, in the MBZ city.

There are also many shopping options in the neighboring areas. For example, you will find a hypermarket in the adjacent area. And there is a Spinneys outlet in the neighboring community of Mussafah.

You can go to Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi to purchase your essential items if you want to shop from a Carrefour outlet.

In addition, there is the Safeer Center near the city to cater to your daily item needs.

Worshiping Entities in the MBZ City

In MBZ city, there are many mosques for people following the Muslim religion. And for Christians, the American Church of Abu Dhabi is nearby MBZ city.

But, there is no Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. So, people following the Hindu religion must go to the temples in Dubai, around 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city.

Educational Facilities in the MBZ City

The MBZ City is ideal for families. So, here are some of the educational institutes for your kids, from nurseries and daycare centers to schools.

The nurseries and daycare centers are Riverwood Nursery, Happy Jump Nursery, and Little Helpers Nursery, among the best in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, there are reputed schools near the city, such as Al Dhafra Private School, Private International English School, and The British International School.

The Private International School, one of the most reputed schools in Abu Dhabi, offers the CBSE curriculum from KG1 to Grade 12.

Furthermore, there are more options for choosing a school for the residents of the MBZ City, such as:

  • The Emirates Future International Academy offers the CBSE curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 12 and is only a few minutes drive from the residential areas.
  • The Al Dhafra Private School in the MBZ City offers the American curriculum.
  • The reputed British International School on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road is away by a short drive from the MBZ City.
  • The Abu Dhabi University is also within a few minutes drive from the MBZ City.

Healthcare Facilities in the MBZ City

In MBZ City, there are good healthcare facilities. The renowned hospitals and clinics in the MBZ City are:

  • Bareen International Hospital
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Health Care Centre
  • Mediclinic
  • Burjeel Medical City

Residents can quickly access the Bareen International Hospital from most residential areas in the MBZ City.

The other medical options include:

  • Al Bustan Speciality Hospital
  • Mediclinic Hospital
  • LLH Hospital
  • Ahlia Hospital
  • NMC Royal Family Medical Center
  • Madinat Mohammed Bin Zayed Healthcare Center
  • Archer Medical Center

In addition, there are Aster Medical Clinic, Oasis Medical Center and Ever Care Medical Clinic, located in Mussafah.

Eateries in the MBZ City

In MBZ City, many restaurants offer Indian, Arabic and fast food cuisines. Moreover, you will find some restaurants in Mazyad Mall and Dalma Mall apart from fast food diners, burger joints and bakeries.

The famous restaurants include:

  • Al Andalusi Palace
  • Family Restaurant
  • Prime Sushi

However, there is no bar in MBZ City. So, to enjoy a drink, you need to go to a bar in the central city of Abu Dhabi.

Beaches Near the MBZ City

If you are a beach lover and want to enjoy walking on a beach, you have to go towards the mainland to enjoy a beach, as MBZ City is not near the sea.

The Yas Beach is around 25 minutes drive from the MBZ City, and the popular Saadiyat Beach is 35 minutes drive away. And these are the best beaches in the UAE.

As the beaches are not far away, you can go to the beaches and come back quickly to MBZ City.

Leisure Activities in the MBZ City

The MBZ City offers a safe and peaceful environment in which you can enjoy to the fullest with your family.

You will find many parks and playgrounds in MBZ City. Moreover, there are the following attractions nearby:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
  • Ferrari World

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a popular holding record concerning many parameters.

You can also take your family to enjoy rides at Ferrari World. Moreover, you can take your family to the public park in MBZ City. The park has play and greenery areas for walking, jogging, and long walks.

If you are a fitness enthusiast focusing on health and fitness, you can go to one of the many gyms or fitness studios in MBZ City.

Some of the popular fitness centers in the MBZ City are:

  • Gold Gym in Mazyad Mall
  • Home Fitness For Ladies
  • A Ladies-Only Fitness First branch in Dalma Mall.

In addition, there are many salons and spas in MBZ City. But, if you want more advanced ones, you need to go to Abu Dhabi.

In the MBZ City, the Mayzad Mall, located nearby, hosts most community events. Notably, you can see many entertainment programs for kids during Eid, National Day, Diwali, and Ramadan celebrations.

Relevant Facts Related to the MBZ City:

  • The Abu Dhabi International Airport is around 20 minutes away from MBZ City.
  • The Abu Dhabi Corniche is about 28 minutes away from MBZ City.
  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is around 13 minutes away from the MBZ City.
  • Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is accessible around 28 minutes from MBZ City.
  • The road distance between MBZ City to Abu Dhabi is 31.1 km. You can reach Abu Dhabi in 22 minutes if you drive your car.
  • The distance between MBZ City and Dubai is around 122 km. And, it can take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes if you drive your car.
  • There is no zip code system in the UAE for Abu Dhabi. If any requirement for writing a zip code for the MBZ City arises, you can write 000000.

The Final Say

The MBZ city is a popular residential area in Abu Dhabi that has attracted numerous people worldwide. The area is family-friendly and with affordable properties for rent and purchasing. Moreover, the number of properties is set to increase further with many new projects going on. Therefore, if you are deciding whether or not to buy a property in MBZ City, you should go for it.