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Discover the Popular Areas for Renting for British Expats in Dubai

Discover the Popular Areas for Renting for British Expats in Dubai

We know that British people have special needs. And, they love things that are above the ordinary.

With the growing attraction of British expatriates to Dubai, it is worth exploring whether the city has places to respond positively to their needs.

The affinity of British expatriates to Dubai has been increasing consistently. And, there are many reasons behind the growing attraction.
The primary attractiveness is aspects like lower rents, less-expensive fuel, higher salaries, good career opportunities, tax-free income, and round-the-year sunshine.

The good news is that there are plenty of areas in Dubai for British expatriates to stay, getting their preferred lifestyle.

Popular Apartment Renting Areas

Suppose you observe the trends during the last few years. In that case, the most popular places to live in Dubai for British expatriates are Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

So, let us examine the respective places in detail to get a clear picture of the areas’ offerings.

Dubai Marina

Let us start with Dubai Marina, where British expatriates can find excellent apartments with spectacular waterfront views. Notably, many residential buildings in the area are part of Dubai’s iconic skyline.

Therefore, renting apartments in Dubai Marina can be a good option for British expatriates. Moreover, they will not encounter any hindrances in educating their kids in Dubai Marina. There are top-class schools with UK curriculum, such as Dubai British School in Emirate Hills, just 12 minutes away.

Again, renting an apartment poses no problem with the availability of studios to apartments up to three-bedroom configurations.

According to the prevailing trends, renting a one-bedroom apartment is AED 79k. While 2-bedroom flats for rent in Dubai Marina call for the rent of AED 119k,3-bedroom Dubai Marina apartments for rent can cost AED 181k.

Downtown Dubai

The popularity of Downtown Dubai is increasing among British expatriates. The availability of luxury apartments with private pools and spectacular views has contributed to the growing popularity.

Notably, Dubai Marina is the home to the tallest building in the world–Burj Khalifa–and other attractions, such as Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Opera.

Downtown Dubai is no different from a highly preferable leisure destination. And, there are many exciting things to do in Downtown Dubai, eliminating dullness. Moreover, there are many luxurious restaurants in Downtown Dubai.

The expatriates can find many apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai, ranging from cozy studios to three-bedroom apartments.

Currently, a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai is AED 92k. And, a two-bedroom apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai comes at AED 174k. In addition, the rent for a large three-bedroom apartment is AED 311k.

Palm Jumeriah

With a sunny beachside, Palm Jumeriah has attracted British expatriates during the last few years.

On the iconic artificial island, the expatriates can easily find excellent apartments for rent that offers spectacular waterfront views and easy access to the beach.

The apartments are with all amenities and different types.

The prevailing rent for one-bedroom apartments in Palm Jumeriah is AED 125k. And the rents for two and three-bedroom apartments are AED 165k and AED 227k, respectively.

Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR)

Many British expatriates like to stay in JBR. And there is a particular reason behind the popularity. The area is alongside the JBR beach, and it is an excellent hub for leisure, shopping, and entertainment.

Staying in JBR means getting access to some of the best lifestyle destinations, such as Barasti, The Buddha Bar, and the Zero Gravity.

The expatriates can give their children the best education with the same curriculum as in their home country. For example, GEMS Wellington International School in Al Sufouh is located 11 minutes away from the area. And, the school follows the National Curriculum of England.

In JBR, there are plenty of apartments for rent. According to the prevailing trends, rent for a one-bedroom apartment for rent is AED 95k. And, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments for rent in JBR can cost AED 140k and AED 160k, respectively.

Popular Areas to Rent Villas

In addition to the wide range of apartments available, there are also excellent villas in Dubai that can suit the tastes and preferences of British expatriates. They can find the best villas in the following areas:

Umm Suqeim

It is one of the most popular villa communities for British expatriates. Umm Suqeim is near the spectacular Jumeirah Beach and has the benefits of hosting pet-friendly properties and proximity to schools and hospitals. For example, top-performing British curriculum schools, such as the prestigious King’s School Dubai, are located within the community.

Notably, there are excellent eateries, cafes, and boutique stores along the Jumeirah Beach Road, which runs parallel to the coast and down the entire length of Umm Suqeim.

There are excellent villas available for rent in Umm Suqeim. And the prevailing rent for a 3-bedroom villa in the area is AED 163k.
For 4 and 5-bedroom villas in Umm Suqeim, the rents are AED 204k and AED 280k, respectively.

Palm Jumeriah

An exciting beachfront living distinguishes the area. And, the expatriates can quickly find luxury villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah.

In Palm Jumeirah, the lifestyle resembles a resort-style. And interestingly, most villas in the area are with backyards that open directly into a private beach. And, the villas can accommodate large families.

Furthermore, more aspects in the area contribute to the luxurious lifestyle. For example, there are popular five-star hotels like Waldorf Astoria, Kempinski, Anantara, and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in the area. Notably, the hotels are with some of the most well-known restaurants in Palm Jumeirah apart from famous bars.

The prevailing rent for spacious 4-bedroom villas is AED 933k. And, the rent for 5-bed villas is AED 1.2M.

Relevant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It will help to develop a broader perspective about the best places for British expatriates in Dubai if they go through relevant FAQs, such as:

Are there any British Pubs in Dubai?

Yes, there are British pubs in Dubai. And the most popular ones are Eloquent Elephant, Crown & Lion, and Reform Social.

Are there any English Restaurants in Dubai?

Yes, many British restaurants in Dubai serve delicious favorite dishes of England. So, moving to Dubai from the UK will not necessitate any changes in food habits.


British expatriates have been relocating to Dubai and scripting their success stories in the city amid a luxurious and exciting lifestyle. The city has everything to offer to the expatriates, from luxury properties to native foods. Moreover, the expatriates can quickly find their dream residential properties to rent in Dubai due to the ample availability.

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