Moving To UAE From Canada: Living in Dubai

If you are thinking of moving from Canada for residential living in Dubai, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. In this blog we have compiled a list of all the things you need to know and keep in mind, when coming to Dubai.

Ensure Your Passport is Valid:

Before you even begin to plan your flights or book accommodation, it is advisable that you first check if your passport is still valid. Keep in mind, it must be valid for at least half a year when you move to the UAE. Since the renewal process depends on where you are, this is one of those things it would be better to deal with early so that any problems can be avoided later.

Secure Your Work Permits and Visas:

Getting your UAE residency visa and work permit is essential. If you already have a job, your company may process the visa application and documentation for you. Elaborate with your future employer on what they will cover and ensure that you have enough time to fetch any required documents.

Verify Vaccination and Health Check Requirements:

Prior to moving over to the UAE, check whether you need vaccinations or a health screening. These are conducted usually at an approved government facility. Have a detailed discussion with a healthcare provider to know if vaccinations are required and focus on possible medical concerns. At the same time, taking such a step early on will allow you to have some margin of error. This is why it is important to implement this particular point into your plan.

Plan Your Moving Costs:

Besides flight expenses and initial accommodation costs, expect other possible expenses as well. If the stuff that you want to transport includes furniture or household items, consider international moving companies. Ask the airline about extra baggage charges. These costs are manageable if you plan a good budget.

Build Up Your Savings:

Save for your relocation or initial expenditures on your arrival in the UAE. After you detail your budget, ensure that set savings goals are achievable. If you realize that it is becoming quite hard to achieve your goals, review the present budget or future expenses for items where cost reduction may be possible.

Address Your Tax Situation:

Subject to what tax laws apply in your current country, notify the local office of Tax about moving abroad. This should be done at an early stage to avoid getting caught off guard with unexpected tax payments. Remain proactive to guarantee a seamless transition, with respect to taxation.

Get a Suitable Residence Accommodation:

When thinking of moving to Dubai from Canada you can find a wide variety of communities where properties are owned by expats. The real estate market of Dubai is quite diverse.

Here are a few popular examples:

  • Arabian Ranches
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina

Moverover, Toplatest will enable you to identify different types of housing- everything from property for sale in UAE to property for rent in UAE – as per your requirement. Just establish what you are looking for and we will be able to help you with loads of options for the same at right prices.

Get Your Banking Sorted:

Before you can have an account in a bank in the UAE, you need to get your residency visa certification. You may also require other documentation such as your passport, a proof of address and also you will need to provide the job offer letter from your employer.

A UAE bank account enables proper financing. Opening a bank account as an expat is quite simple.

Just visit a local bank in Dubai and submit the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • A copy of the visa itself
  • Salary certificate
  • Emirates ID

You will need a proof of address e.g an agreement on rental contract as your evidence to prove that you are a resident in the country.

Spend the time to get this done and you’ll be ready to settle down in your new location smoothly.

Explore Local Schools:

In case you are going to take children with you while moving to the UAE, it would be a smart move to take a look at how schools work in Dubai. See if there is a waiting list that you should know about and understand the fees required by school. This preemptive measure ensures a smoother transition of your children into their new educational setting.

Gather Essential Documentation

If you are planning for a stay in the UAE, it is important that before you arrive in the country vital arrangements should be made such as accommodation and an international driver’s license if one plans to drive. Gather necessary documents such as rental references or school reports ahead of time. Doing so will help ensure that you do not need to handle paperwork overseas, at any point after the move.

Think About Travel Insurance:

It is advisable to acquire an insurance policy that is long term and which will cover you all along your move. Research policies that travel insurance companies have for non-locals. Also, it is wise to secure travel insurance whenever you book your flights so that in case of some unforeseen events they are covered. It is a simple yet effective means of securing peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Embrace Cultural Awareness And Show Respect for Local Customs:

  • Get Acquainted With The Culture:

Give yourself a minute to understand and get accustomed to the behavior of people in particular areas. Signs of appreciation and respect are small but carry great value in promoting cordial behavior with the society.

  • Be Respectful of All Cultures:

Dubai has a large variety of cultures. Accept the diversities and respect not just the local culture but also every culture including locals as well expats.

  • Dress Modestly:

As in the case of Dubai where culture is conservative, dressing modestly is the sign of a culturally sensitive person. It demonstrates a willingness to embrace and observe local norms.

  • Understand Judicial Regulations:

Become acquainted with the law. As for the legal system in Dubai, this may vary significantly from what you are used to back home in Canada. This is why being well informed is critical.

  • Avoid Indulging in Offensive Language and Behavior:

Using abusive language or unruly conduct and behavior, such as indulging in public intoxication, can be perceived as offensive. Since these actions are avoided in the community, a person who does not indulge in these activities is identified as one with a positive image.

  • Understand Online Action Regulations:

Make sure that your cultural awareness also extends to the internet and not just in real life. This means that you must always keep your online interactions respectful and within limits. This includes social media personalities as well. Refrain from using any derogatory or offensive language.

Discover the Advantages of Relocating From Canada & Living in Dubai:

Planning on living in Dubai? Here are some reasons as to why it could be an excellent decision for you:

  • Vibrant Lifestyle in a Thriving City:

Enjoy the fast paced life in the bustling metropolis of Dubai. It is an exciting life that gives you a sense of fulfillment. Living your dream is living in Dubai and not a single moment is dull.

  • Abundant Career Opportunities:

A lot of world-class companies are located in Dubai, creating a large number of job opportunities for you. The Dubai business environment is where you can have your choice of career from the abundant opportunities present. From new and budding startups to multinational organizations where innovative ideas are encouraged, Dubai has something for everyone.

  • Safe and Family Friendly Neighborhoods:

Relax in a safe environment. Dubai offers a family oriented and children friendly neighborhood which makes it the best place to live along with your loved ones. Rest assured you will be free from any worries at all times.

  • Diverse Housing Options:

Get the home you desire. A variety of housing is available in Dubai, from low cost to the expensive, there is something for everyone. There are a number of options to choose from including property for sale in UAE, property for rent in UAE, apartments for sale in Dubai, villas for rent in Dubai, waterfront neighborhoods and much more.

  • Quality Education for Children:

Dubai has an impressive learning environment for your kids. The quality of education is an essential aspect and Dubai offers a number of top-notch learning opportunities.

As you begin with your move to Dubai, consider these benefits that promise a vibrant lifestyle, abundant opportunities and a welcoming environment. Dubai offers a truly enriching experience for those seeking a new adventure.

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