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Investing or Renting in Al Rashidiya, Ajman: Everything to Know

For the people pondering about investing or renting a property in the UAE, Al Rashidiya is a community to consider beforehand.

The friendly residential community, located in Downtown Ajman in the vicinity of the Ajman – Sharjah border, has many high-rise residential towers and a few villas. In addition, the Al Rashidiya community hosts the Al Rashidiya Tower, a famous high-rise residential tower.

The availability of all the essential amenities makes the community a perfect place to stay. You will find educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and leisure options in the community.

In addition, there is the Ajman Stadium which hosts football championships in the community. And, facilities for fun activities are nearby due to its proximity to Al Rashidiya.

Due to being a resident-friendly community, it has become a popular area to buy apartments.

The Snapshots

  • Availability of apartments and villas
  • Nearby to the Ajman – Sharjah border
  • Hosts the Ajman Stadium
  • Has the essential amenities, like schools, hospitals, and restaurants
  • Neighbours include Al Nuaimiya, Al Rumailah and Ajman Free Zone
  • Preference among investors for investing in freehold apartments

Rental Trends

If you have decided to relocate to the community, you must first know the rental trends in Al Rashidiya.

Renting can be an affordable accommodation when you first move to the community. And, for affordable renting, you will get studio apartments in Al Rashidiya.

You will get 2-bed apartments for rent in Al Rashidiya apart from 3-bed flats. And there are also furnished and semi-furnished studios and 1-bed apartments for rent in the community.

According to the current trends, a studio apartment in the community calls for rent between AED 11k to AED 16k. Studio apartments cover an area of 650 square feet.

Renting a 1-bedroom flat will cost you AED 20k, and the rent for a 2-bed apartment is within AED 25k to AED 45k.

If you can spend a bit more on rent, you can get apartments with around 1,800 square feet of area and provide spectacular views, modern facilities and connectivity to critical areas.

You can also rent a 2-bed flat at around AED 33k. Such flats are available on the higher floors. So, you can get beautiful sea or garden views from the apartments.

In most 2-bed flats, you will have three bathrooms and at least 1,500 square feet of space. Moreover, you can rent a 3-bedroom apartment at a rent of AED 40k.

If you want to rent an independent house, you can look at villas in Al Rashidiya that come in two to five-bed configurations. And the rent starts at AED 18k.

While a 2-bed villa has around 2,000 square feet of space, a 5-bed unit comes with more than 6,000 square feet of area.

Besides, a 3-bed villa calls for rent of around AED 45k.

Sales Trends

Owning a property in the community is also an excellent option. However, it will help if you get acquainted with the sale trends for properties in Al Rashidiya.

A purchase of a studio will necessitate a price of AED 185k, according to the prevailing standards.

The sale price for 1-bed apartments in Al Rashidiya hovers between AED 240k to AED 625k.

In the community, the prices of 2 BHK apartments for sale are within AED 320k to AED 1M. And, you will get many brand new 2-bed flats in Al Rashidiya.

According to the prevailing trends, 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Al Rashidiya calls for rent of around AED 683k.

If you can spend a bit more and want a private residence, you can consider purchasing a villa priced within AED 1.2M to AED 2.7M for the 2 to 3 bedroom categories.

The price difference among properties arises from factors like construction date, finishing time, location, and whether the property faces the sea.

Price differences are based on the date of construction, finishing and location, as the luxury units feature sea views and access to other amenities.


You will not find the community short of hotels as there are some excellent hotels, such as:

  • Ewan Tower Hotel Apartments
  • Crown Palace and Suites, Ajman
  • Ramada Hotel and Suites


You can shop to your heart’s content in Al Rashidiya as there are many supermarkets, such as Haris Al Madina Supermarket, Sahar Al Madina Supermarket, and Al Raihan Supermarket. And, you will find the largest shopping malls in Ajman in the community.

In the Al Douri Mart, you can find all the essential items. And what is more, you can also grind coffee and prepare your trail mix or dry fruit mix in the mart.

Ajman Markets Cooperative Society is another notable supermarket in the community. It is located at the base of the Horizon Towers and is a big hypermarket.

Other popular supermarkets in the community are Al Maya Supermarket, Al Madina Supermarket, Zaki Supermarket, Viva Supermarket, West Zone Supermarket, and Pakistani Supermarket.

Public Transportation

The sub-communities in Al Rashidiya can get access to excellent public transportation facilities. They will find many public routes connecting the different parts of the community. And, there are many bus stops in the community to make boarding and getting down from buses convenient.

Schools and Healthcare Facilities

In Al Rashidiya, there are Wonderkids Nursery and Bluebells Nursery for kids. In addition, there is the British International School which offers the UK curriculum from FS1 to Year 13. And there is the Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan Islamia School which provides the Pakistan National Curriculum up to year 12. Moreover, the Al Hikama Private School provides the Ministry of Education’s curriculum in the Arabic medium.

The Things to Consider Beforehand

Staying in Al Rashidiya is helpful if you regularly commute to and fro from Sharjah. Moreover, you can get easy access to other places of the emirate from the community.

But, there are not many villas or 4-bed apartments. So, if you have a large family, it can pose problems for you.


It can be a sensible decision to purchase a property in Al Rashidiya, given the enjoyable and convenient lifestyle. Moreover, affordability is another appealing factor for buying a property in the community.

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