Buy Rent Property in Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City: A Ultimate Guide to Buy/Rent a Property

You may or may not be a sports enthusiast, but you will like Dubai Sports City. It is not only for fitness fanatics, and it has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle and residential options at affordable prices.

Remarkably, Dubai Sports City has the International Cricket Stadium and Els Club. Due to its attractiveness and affordability, Dubai Sports City has become investor-friendly.

If you are keen on investing in Dubai sports city, you can consider a mix of villas and apartments. And if you want to rent a property in the community, you can get a studio to 3-bedroom apartments to villas.

The community is one of the freehold areas in Dubai. And, you will get all amenities in Dubai Sports City essential for an enjoyable lifestyle.


  • Home to the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC)
  • Suits to both families and singles
  • Home to several attractive and exciting projects
  • Perfect for sports enthusiasts, from netball to football
  • Conveniently located with access to Al Khail Road and Hessa Street
  • Has freehold properties

Rental Trends in Dubai Sports City

According to the prevailing trends, renting a studio in Sports City will entail an average of AED 4K of earnings. Typically, studios come in 350 to 570 square feet. Moreover, you can get spacious studios in Cricket Tower, among the top renting buildings in Dubai Sports City, at an annual rent of AED 24K. The Cricket Tower has 15 floors and features 140 residential apartments that are suitable for young people.

1-bedroom apartments are another budget-friendly option for rent in Dubai Sports City. The average annual rent can range from AED 26K to AED 55K. The rents depend on the project you choose, views from the apartment and the floor.

If you need more space, you can rent a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment that comes at AED 51K and AED 70K, respectively.

You can have more options for renting properties in Dubai Sports City. For example, you can choose between 3 to 6-bedroom villas. Moreover, gated complexes like Victory Heights and Bloomingdale also feature townhouses for rent in Dubai Sports City that range from 2,300 to 3,300 square feet and come in 4-bed and 5-bedroom units.

According to the prevailing trends, you can rent a 3-bedroom villa at AED 110K with an area of around 2,000 square feet.

Rents for 4-bedroom villas in Dubai Sports City are around AED 137K and come with 3,370 square feet. You can find such units at Bloomingdale, and Victory Heights has many options for such units covering around 3,370 sq. ft. And rents for spacious 5-bedroom villas are around AED 197K and AED 326K for a 6-bedroom villa in Dubai Sports City.

Sales Trends in Dubai Sports City

You can also find many properties for sale to invest in Sports City. According to the current trends, the sale price of a studio is around AED 334K. And if you want to purchase a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Sports City, you need to spend around AED 486K.

You can buy a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai Sports City at around AED 750K that comes with around 1,200 square feet of area. In addition, you will find such units in Olympic Park and Global Golf Residence that are viable options for such properties offering beautiful views of the golf courses.

If you want to buy a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in Dubai Sports City, you must spend around AED 974K.

If you can spend more and look for larger spaces, you can pay in townhouses and villas in Dubai Sports City. You will find such units with private parking spaces and outdoor areas.

If you prefer living in closely-knit communities, you can choose to buy a 3-bed townhouse or a 4-bed townhouse in Sports City. While the former can cost you around AED 1.8M, the latter can cost you around AED 2.2M.

Sale prices of 4-bedroom villas in Dubai Sports City start at AED 1.8M, and that can go up to 2.4M depending on the space and the date of construction.

It would help if you spent around AED 3.9M to purchase a more spacious 5-bedroom villa in Dubai Sports City. And luxurious 6-bedroom villas for sale can come at AED 8.45M.

If you plan to buy a property for renting out, ensure that you study and understand the Dubai Tenancy Law.

The Best Communities in Dubai Sports City

Living in Dubai Sports City can become exciting only if you choose the best communities. You will find Elite Sports Residence at the top of the list of best communities. It is a cluster of 10 buildings with over 3,000 apartments.

There are studios to 3-bedroom apartments in the community that give eye-catching golf views. Moreover, studios in the community are at the most affordable prices of AED 18K. There is also the option of buying a wide range of 1-bedroom apartments for sale in the community.

Victory Heights is a community to look at in Dubai Sports City. The community has a reputed educational institute. There is also a cluster of villas with more than 1,000 units.

In the community, you can have all the essential amenities apart from a family-friendly environment. Therefore, the community is suitable for individuals, couples and families.

Next, you can choose Royal Residence, a Dubai Sports City community with a golf course facing studios and 1-bed and 2-bedroom apartments.

It is a 15-storey mid-rise project suitable if you are on the lookout for the best community in Dubai Sports City to rent 1-bedroom apartments.

Moreover, there are two projects–Global Golf Residence and Canal Residence West– near Canal Promenade.

Canal Residence West is suitable if you are looking for reasonably priced living spaces. It is also one of the best buildings to rent 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Sports City. The living spaces span from 1,127 square feet to 1,900 square feet. And a typical 2-bedroom unit can cost around AED 795K to AED 1.68M.

Besides, Frankfurt Sports Tower, Red Residences, Champions Tower, and Bloomingdale are other best areas in Dubai Sports City.

Hotels in Dubai Sports City

A few hotels are operating in Dubai Sports City, such as

  • Ghaya Grand Hotel
  • Treppan Hotel and Suites by Fakhruddin

Ghaya Grand Hotel is a five-star luxury with 765 best-in-class guest rooms, suites and luxury extended-stay apartments. It is only a few minutes walk to City Centre Me’aisem and a 5-minute drive from DWC Airport from the hotel.

Treppan Hotel and Suites by Fakhruddin is a more budget-friendly hotel that offers four-star services. Fakhruddin Hospitality operates the hotel, and it has residential-style accommodation with unique hotel facilities and services.

Schools in Dubai Sports City

Education can never be a problem for your kids as there are many good schools in Dubai Sports City. Moreover, you can get schools nearby.

You can send your kid to the Victory Heights Primary School, which follows the UK curriculum until Year 6. And for little kids, there is The Wonder Years Nursery.

There is also the University of Balamand for higher education, which is 10-minutes away in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). And, there are university campuses in Knowledge Park that are 20-minutes away.

Healthcare Facilities in Dubai Sports City

There is, however, a limited number of medical clinics and hospitals in Dubai Sports City. Currently, there is only one clinic–Your Health Clinic–in the community. However, there is the Medcare Medical Centre, which is 6 minutes away by car in the neighbouring area of Motor City. Besides, there are many pharmacies in Dubai Sports City.

Supermarkets in Dubai Sports City

In Dubai Sports City, there is ample scope for shopping with two big supermarkets–Al Maya Supermarket, and Carrefour Supermarket in Dubai Sports City. And Motor City has a big outlet for Spinneys, which has everything you need.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Dubai Sports City

Akin to all places in the UAE, the Dubai Sports City also has its pros and cons. For example, despite the community being quiet, pleasant and peaceful, some noise can disturb you. And the noise emanates from the ongoing constructions.

There is one more thing before moving to Dubai Sports City. It is not accessible by metro, so you should necessarily have a car. But you will also find many public buses to move around in Dubai sports city Dubai.

However, there are many prons, such as:

  • Home to the iconic ICC cricket stadium
  • Two of Dubai’s biggest business hubs are only 15 mins away
  • Dubai International Airport is only 25 mins away
  • Direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road, which links the seven emirates
  • Al Khail Road is accessible within a few minutes
  • 15-minute drive to the Dubai Marina, a top leisure destination


Despite a few cons, many pros justify why you should invest in a property in Dubai Sports City. Owning a property in Dubai Sports City means you can get the privilege of giving your family an enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle that you should not miss out on.


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