Renting a House in UAE

Renting a House in UAE: Everything You Need to Know

If you are shifting to the UAE, you need a place to stay. So, you have to look out for a house for rent in UAE.

Dubai, the UAE’s capital, is a desirable destination for high-class people looking for great career opportunities and comfortable lifestyles.

A large number of professionals move to Dubai to actuate their dreams. And the vibrant city poses no problem as there are ample residential properties to accommodate the increasing population. There is everything on the offer–from fully-furnished apartments to new apartments for rent in Dubai. You can choose your accommodation based on your lifestyle and of course your budget. And the remarkable thing about the city is that no area is unsafe.

If you are new to the city and do not know how to find accommodation in Dubai, then read on the following:

The Rental Market in the UAE

As the UAE attracts many expert professionals, there is expensive housing, although it is easy to come by. In recent years, the UAE’s average rent has dropped by around 30 percent, yet you will have to spend nearly half of your salary on rent.

When you look for the types of houses in the UAE and the corresponding renting costs, then bear in mind that you will find that Dubai’s costs will be the highest, and the costs in Abu Dhabi come to the second. However, if you are looking for less expensive places, you can try out Sharjah and Fujairah.

You will find various types of houses available in the UAE so that you can choose from high-rise apartments, villas within gated complexes, and townhouses.

However, there are necessary things to keep in mind. Rental contracts in the UAE typically last one year, and a hefty fine will result if broken. And many landlords demand one year’s worth of post-dated cheques and up to three months’ rent as an upfront fee.

Finding a perfect accommodation for you and your family will take no time with the availability of houses.

Steps in Finding a Perfect House in Dubai

If you are new to Dubai and are on the lookout for renting a house but know how to proceed, put your worries aside. Just go through the following:

Search Online Properties

You can begin your search by searching online. You will find many properties that will suit your individual needs and budget.

The types of residential properties you will find on Dubai house rental websites include:

  • Apartments
  • Residential Plots
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Penthouses
  • Hotel Apartments

After you identify a property, gather more information from the description, such as the annual rent, location, number of rooms and baths, furnished or unfurnished, and nearby schools, parks, hospitals, and restaurants.

It is a good idea to form an overall picture of the type of property that suits you and your affordability.

Visit the Property

The next thing to do after shortlisting a property is to visit. And do not forget to carry a list of questions to ask the agent. Observe the property as well as the neighborhood. Consider a few factors, like whether the property gets enough natural light, are the rooms spacious enough, etc.
Make an Offer

Once you finalize a property, you can make the offer after paying the agency fees for renting in Dubai. Most contracts have quarterly or-quarterly payment terms. You will also find landlords who tend to lower their annual rents if you pay the entire rent for the year through a single cheque.

Reserve the Property

The next step is to reserve the property, and for that, you need to pay a refundable security deposit (usually a month’s rent or 5% of the rent) to the landlord. You need to reserve the property so that the landlord holds it until the deal is finalized. Make sure you get a receipt of the security deposit.

Sign the Agreement

The agent will share the tenancy contract with you once you pay the security deposit. Ensure that you make yourself aware of the tenancy laws in Dubai so that you know what rights you have as a tenant before signing the contract.

After you become aware of the laws and the rights, sign the contract and deposit the rent cheques and the commission as rental agent fees Dubai.

But, make sure you keep with you a copy of the contract and the acknowledgment receipt.

Things to Consider

There are some more things that you should consider before you finalize the contract. Make sure that your landlord has cleared all service charges and there are no maintenance issues.

Ejari Registration

Once you sign the contract, you or the agent will have to register it with the Ejari for the contract to be a legally acceptable document.

DEWA Connection

The subsequent step for you is to apply for a Dubai Water & Electricity Authority (DEWA) connection so that you get electricity and water supply.

Move-In Form

In Dubai, some communities ask tenants to procure a Move-in Permit before occupying the property. It usually takes five days to process the Move-In form, which is generally available on the developer’s website.

Moving In

Once your Move-In permit is ready, you are all set to move in.


There is no alternative for you but to know the procedure for renting a house in the UAE if you are new there. This article will help you with all the necessary know-how so that you can start.

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