Sharjah Waterfront City

What Should You Know About Property Purchase in Sharjah Waterfront City?

Are you pondering about where to own or rent a property in Sharjah? If so, we have a suggestion for you–the Sharjah Waterfront City.

Understandably, you are likely to ask–what makes the Sharjah Waterfront City a special place? And, the answer lies in is this article.

Sharjah Waterfront City is a multi-billion dollar development on the northeastern coast of Sharjah. And, it is a project undertaken by Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development.

Once completed, the waterfront community in Sharjah will have ten islands and a built-up area of more than 60 million square feet.

If you stay there, you will see the beautiful beaches, and get shopping and leisure opportunities.

When it comes to properties, there are apartments and villas in Sharjah Waterfront City.

The Summary

  • Located on the northeastern coast of Sharjah
  • A master-planned mixed-use project
  • Built over ten islands
  • Family-friendly
  • Has villas and apartments
  • Has 36 kilometres of waterfront
  • Offers spectacular sea views

Property Types in Sharjah Waterfront City

Before you justify why you should rent a property in Sharjah Waterfront City, you need to get acquainted with the property types available there.

In Sharjah Waterfront City, there are apartments as well as villas. While apartments types are studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, villas come in 3, 4, 5 and 6-bedroom configurations.

Apartments are available in Blue Bay Walk, a popular sub-community in Sharjah Waterfront City.

Six residential towers offer high-end luxury apartments that come with lush green gardens, fitness centres, swimming pools and entertainment spots.

A studio comes with 633 square feet, one bathroom, a living area and a modern kitchen.

The space of a 1-bedroom apartment extends from 870 square feet to 900 square feet. And a 2-bedroom unit can have a space between 1,500 square feet to 1,712 square feet. And, what is more, the apartments are equipped with innovative home technology.

In Sharjah Waterfront City, a 4-bedroom villa has an area of 2,773 square feet. While a 5-bedroom villa cover area from 3,800 square feet to 4,733 square feet, a 6-bedroom villa covers 4,757 square feet to 5,119 square feet of space.

The villas are located in Sun Island by Ajmal Makan.

Sales Trends

People looking to buy apartments in Sharjah Waterfront City can have multiple options.

According to the current trends, the sale price of a studio is around AED 316k. While the prevailing sale price of a 1-bedroom apartment is around AED 506k, the price of a 2-bedroom apartment in Sharjah Waterfront City is around AED 936k.

In addition, there are villas for sale in Sharjah Waterfront City.

According to the prevailing trends, the sales price of a 3-bedroom villa is AED 2.5M. And, the price for a 4-bedroom villa is around AED 2.6M in Sharjah Waterfront City.

While a 5-bedroom luxurious villa can cost around AED 5M, a 6-bedroom villa can cost around AED 5.6M.

In addition, people can also consider renting luxury villas in Sharjah Waterfront City.

Facilities in Sharjah Waterfront City

In Sharjah Waterfront City, there are all the essential amenities and facilities to make your life smooth.

Parking Places

There are enough parking spaces in Sharjah Waterfront City. For example, there are dedicated parking spaces in every apartment building. And each flat has at least one reserved parking slot. Likewise, villas in Sharjah Waterfront City has large private parking that can accommodate two to three vehicles.

Public Transportation

There is, however, limited options for public transportation as the community is not yet fully developed. So, you should own a car to commute within Sharjah Waterfront City. However, you can get a public bus from Al Musalla Station, located a 25-minute drive away.


Most supermarkets near Sharjah Waterfront City are located along King Faisal Road. For example, the Al Sharq Al Aqsa Supermarket is nearest an 11-minute drive from the community. Other shopping centres are Lotus Supermarket, Miqat Supermarket and Al Hidayah Supermarket within a 15-minute drive.

You can go to Carrefour Hypermarket in Ajman City Centre, about an 18-minute drive away, for grocery shopping.

There are a few popular malls near Sharjah Waterfront City. One of them is the Mall of UAQ, located about a 16-minute drive. The mall features many international brands, retail outlets and restaurants.


There is hitherto no schools in Sharjah Waterfront City. But, it cannot pose any problem as there are many schools near the community. And, those schools offer education from the early years to the secondary level.

Nurseries are a 20-minute drive away from Sharjah Waterfront City. And, the nurseries include Butterflies Nursery Salma Branch, Oxford Nursery and Apple Tree Nursery Ramla Branch.

Popular schools near Sharjah Waterfront City include Aldeyaa School, Aldehya Middle School for Boys, and Al Ameer School for Boys. And, the schools are at a 16-minute drive away. Moreover, the International School of Choueifat is 20 minutes away from Sharjah Waterfront City.

In addition, the Gulf Medical University is an 18-minute drive from the Sharjah Waterfront City. And, it is one of the best universities in Sharjah for medical education.

Outdoor Activities

There can be plenty of options for outdoor activities near the community. For example, you can enjoy a fishing session at the Hamriya Fish Spot, located at about 18 minutes. There is also Fantastico Splash, situated at about a 16-minute drive, a waterpark exclusively designed for kids aged 3 to 13 years.

Things to Consider Beforehand

Although you can get an enjoyable lifestyle and good properties in Sharjah Waterfront City, many amenities are yet to be developed. Notably, the place lacks public transportation, so you have to depend on your vehicle to move around. Therefore, you should consider these aspects before looking for properties in Sharjah Waterfront City.


Sharjah Waterfront City is an excellent place to live a fantastic lifestyle despite a few shortcomings. So, owning property is a good option that will entail substantial benefits for years to come.