Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD): Everything You Need to Know

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) is a free zone, spanning 40 square kilometres in Musaffah, a famous industrial district in the southwest of Abu Dhabi.

As the name suggests, ICAD is dedicated to industrial activities and is one of the most important economic zones in the UAE.

There are many factories and a port in ICAD, which provides a suitable infrastructure to carry out businesses related to various industries, such as metal, oil & gas, food, logistics and construction material.

In summary, ICAD is:

  • A free zone district in Abu Dhabi
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries
  • Has ideal infrastructure, utility connections and communication networks
  • Provides convenient transport links to Europe, Asia and the MENA region
  • Has dedicated zones and clusters for specific industries

ICAD Overview

ICAD is located near the Musaffah Port. It is predominantly an industrial community with facilities for trade and logistics.

You will see the predominance of commercial establishments in the community, like offices, shops, and warehouses.

There are dedicated clusters to support specific industries, such as:

  • Advanced factory units
  • Chemical and plastic
  • Construction material
  • Engineering
  • General industries
  • High tech industries
  • Metal and steel
  • Oil and gas services

Moreover, the specific ICAD zones are:


  • Extends 14 square KM
  • Supports medium to heavy manufacturing and engineering industries
  • Has metal, construction material, plastics assembly and fibreglass companies


  • Supports light-to-medium engineering and processing industries
  • Has wood processing, engineering, construction materials, chemicals and oil & gas companies


  • Supports light to medium businesses and industries
  • Supports processing industries, such as wood processing, chemicals, plastics, high-tech industries, food and textile


  • Supports high-tech and light manufacturing industries


  • Supports automotive manufacturing industries

ICAD Residential City

There is a residual area called ICAD Residential City. It has been built to accommodate workers.

The residential complex comprises four apartment buildings. And, there is more under construction. Workers do not have to pay for the accommodation as their employers provide it free of cost.

The key features of the residential city include:

  • 24-hour security
  • Playgrounds
  • Healthcare centre

Properties in ICAD

ICAD is an industrial community. It has several commercial properties for rent in ICAD, including many warehouses for rent in ICAD. Also, you can buy a warehouse in ICAD as there are warehouses for sale.

Warehouses in ICAD cover areas from 3,000 square feet to 475,000 square feet. There are also offices and shops to rent, but they do not outnumber warehouses available in plenty.

Rental Trends in ICAD

According to the latest trends, rent for a 3,000 square feet warehouse is around AED 135K per annum. And for 6,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet warehouses, the rent ranges from AED 200K to AED 300K.

Rent for 114,000 square feet starts from AED 600K. And, for a small commercial space, like a 600 square feet shop, the rent can be around AED 44K.

Transportation Facilities

The community has a vast network of roads. Out of the different roads, Abu Dhabi – Al A on Truck Road E30 is on the eastern ends of ICAD. It is mainly used for inbound transportation. Besides, the Mussaffah port and channels are used for trade and logistics. Moreover, there are parking spaces for heavy-duty vehicles, cars and bikes.

Shopping Facilities

There are shops, like Happy Miracle Baqala, Oasis Supermarket, and Easy Pick Hypermarket are also present in the area. Moreover, Dalma Mall is located on Al Wazn Street that houses fashion outlets, home decor shops, and restaurants apart from a 14-screen Cine Royal Cinema.


Good schools, such as Sunrise English Private School, Maple Wood International School and Emirates Future International Academy, are available in the neighbouring community: Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Healthcare Facilities

There is a branch of Mediclinic in the ICAD Residential City to provide medical facilities. In the future, more healthcare facilities are likely to be developed.


In ICAD, there are many eateries. Most prominently, you will find the following options at the Dalma Mall: you can find the following options:

  • Molten Chocolate Cafe
  • Gazebo Restaurant
  • Yamasaki Sushi Bar
  • Chili’s

Things to Consider Before Investing in ICAD

Investors looking to purchase commercial properties can find their desired property quickly because there are many commercial properties for sale in ICAD. And most commercial properties comprise mainly warehouses and offices. According to the current trends, a warehouse in ICAD can cost you around AED 18M.

Another thing to note is that ICAD has no public bus stops. And, you need to move within the community in your car or a taxi, which are readily available.


If any queries are playing in your mind, quench them with the following:

Is ICAD a Free Zone?

Yes, it is. ICAD is a purpose-built free one established by ZonesCorp, one of the leading industrial development organisations in Abu Dhabi.

In the UAE, free zones are trade zones, which are areas dedicated to industries. A special regulatory framework sets taxes and customs charges for free zones in the country.

Is Musaffah a Free Zone?

Yes, Musaffah is also a free zone. And there are industries in different zones, including ICAD 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


You can purchase a property in ‘ICAD because the community has everything to offer for an enjoyable lifestyle. Moreover, if you are into business, you can expand your business by investing in a commercial property in the community.