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Popular Areas to Live in Dubai for Food Lovers

5 Most Popular Areas to Live in Dubai for Food Lovers

Many readers of this article will be food lovers. Let us call them foodies.  Such readers will get the privilege of discovering the specific places in Dubai that are replete with food outlets.  If you look at Dubai from an overall perspective, you will see that good food outlet are all around. So, there seems […]

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About Al Marjan Island

Everything You Need To Know About Al Marjan Island

Living in an island community is fun and exciting. And, if you are on the lookout for a gorgeous island living, staying on Al Marjan Island can be the perfect option. Also known as Marjan Island: AI Marjan is an artificial island in Ras Al Khaimah, near Umm Al Quwain Marina and Ras Al Khaimah. […]

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Top Golf Communities to Buy in Dubai

If you want to own an upscale, friendly property in Dubai, you can consider a property in one of the golf course communities. The main advantage of staying in a property in such a community is getting the privilege of enjoying the spectacular views of lush green golf courses. In addition, you can get membership […]

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Discover the Popular Areas for Renting for British Expats in Dubai

Discover the Popular Areas for Renting for British Expats in Dubai

We know that British people have special needs. And, they love things that are above the ordinary. With the growing attraction of British expatriates to Dubai, it is worth exploring whether the city has places to respond positively to their needs. The affinity of British expatriates to Dubai has been increasing consistently. And, there are […]

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Solve a Rental Dispute in Dubai

How to Solve a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Disputes can arise between tenants and landlords anytime and anywhere. And, Dubai cannot be an exception, just because it is a tenant-friendly city. It may so happen that a disagreement can happen between you and your landlord. In that case, it does not necessarily mean that the relationship should get strained. Instead, you can resolve […]

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Living in Abu Dhabi on a Budget

Living in Abu Dhabi on a Budget: Practical Tips

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful and modern metropolis that attracts many people worldwide. The stunning city has everything to offer to its residents, from eye-catching skyscrapers to beautiful beaches, making a living in the city exciting and enjoyable. What is more, there are plenty of job opportunities in Abu Dhabi, and income is tax-free, making […]

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