Al Ghadeer’s Property Landscape in a Nutshell

Al Ghadeer’s Property Landscape in a Nutshell

Many people working in Dubai prefer living in Abu Dhabi. And, if you prefer doing it, Al Ghadeer, an eco-friendly community, seems to be the best place for you.

Nestled on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border, Al Ghadeer is a project by ALDAR, a top-notch real estate company in Abu Dhabi. The community is widely known for low-rise residential buildings and villas.  

But, there is a slight downside–the community does not seem to suit people who like short commutes as Al Ghadeer is somewhat at a considerable distance from key districts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the recent past, demand for residential properties has increased remarkably in the community owing to more and more people making Al Ghadeer their home.

As per the information available in the public domain, Al Ghadeer is one of the popular areas for investing in affordable apartments in Abu Dhabi.

Besides, an investment in a property can yield significant return on investment.

In Al Ghadeer, you will find low-rise buildings with landscaped gardens, allowing residents complete privacy. There are approximately 14,408 residential properties in the community, including 11,785 flats, 449 villas and 2,174 townhouses.

From an overall perspective, you can regard Al Ghadeer as an eco-friendly community, consisting of five blocks with the essential amenities. There is also a trading outlet where you can purchase different types of farming tools and implements.

Notably, there are mini agricultural lands to rent if you want to grow your own vegetables. Moreover, you will find freshly grown organic vegetables in retail stores. 

 The Summary

  • For individuals who frequently commute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this is the ideal address
  • An excellent chance to invest in flats that provide substantial returns
  • Numerous housing developments for both single people and families.
  • 706 housing units
  • A superb selection of studio apartments or one-bedroom apartments
  • A residential area that is self-sufficient and self-contained

Property Profiles in Al Ghadeer

Before moving to Al Ghadeer, a round-up of the available property profiles in the community can help to choose the right property for your family. 

In Al Ghadeer, there are plenty of properties for rent and sale. Rental properties are affordable and modern in the architecture. 

Townhouses and villas are constructed in groups. And, these properties come in a variety of options ranging from 2 to 3-bed units.

The properties, built with modern architecture, have a sizable living area and a fully functional kitchen on the ground floor.

Moreover, there is an additional space for laundry, and quarters for the house help. Also, top floors often have an airy balcony or terrace overlooking the gorgeous community lights, lakes and gardens. Moreover, bedrooms are spacious, and have modern bathrooms and built-in wardrobes.

The apartments are divided into two categories, terraced units and building units. There is a mix of studios, 1-bed and 2-bed apartments built with high-quality furnishings using premium timber wood for doors, double-glazed glass for windows and marble for countertops.

Rental Trends in Al Ghadeer

The good thing in Al Ghadeer is that you will find many properties for rent within affordable rental prices. 

If you do not want a bigger accommodation, you can consider one of the studio apartments for rent in Al Ghadeer. And, the rents are at around AED 20k.

According to the current trends, the rental price for a 1-bed apartment in Al Ghadeer starts from around AED 28k. Notably, the area suits all kinds of residents, from singles to professionals. And, the apartments extend from 450 square feet to 700 square feet in area. 

If you want a larger space for your family, you can consider renting one of the 2-bed apartments for rent in Al Ghadeer, and that can cost AED 38k and AED 65k.

If the preferences of many residents are considered as a potential indication, the best areas for renting in Al Ghadeer could be Al Khaleej Village and Al Waha

Again, renting a villa could be the perfect answer if you are looking for a property with a private setting and all the essential amenities.

In Al Ghadeer, there are villas for rent, and they are in the 2 to 4-bedroom configurations. Given the current trends, the rent for a 2-bedroom villa is at around AED 75k. And, the rental prices for a 3-bedroom villa in Al Ghadeer are within the range of AED 90k and AED 105k.

Again, there is also the option to consider a 2-bed townhouse for rent in Al Ghadeer that will cost around AED 48k.

Sales Trends in Al Ghadeer

In Abu Dhabi, Al Ghadeer is one of the top areas for buying apartments during the recent past. Investors have reaped the benefits of higher returns, indicating the demand for properties in Al Ghadeer to become stronger.

Given the current trends, studio flats for sale in Al Ghadeer cost around AED 290k. And, these units bear around 398 square feet of living space.

The sale prices of 1-bedroom apartments in Al Ghadeer ranges between AED 380k to AED 750k. And, the total space for these residential properties ranges from 600 square feet to 700 square feet.

According to the prevailing trends, the sale price of 2-bed flats in Al Ghadeer starts at around AED 600k. And, the price depends on factors, such as the extent of the covered area and whether or not the apartment is a terraced unit. 

Also, the 3-bedroom apartments in Al Ghadeer can cost you between AED 817k and to AED 915k, if you purchase one.

For AED 1.06M, a two-bedroom villa can be purchased. In Al Ghadeer, a three-bedroom villa can be purchased for between AED 1.25M and AED 2.1M. For AED 2.2 million, a 4-bed villa can be purchased.

In addition, there are townhouses for sale in Al Ghadeer. According to the current trends, the sale prices of townhouses in Al Ghadeer are between AED 534k to AED 2.1M. 

If you want a larger property, you can consider investing in a 2-bedroom townhouse for sale in Al Ghadeer. And, that can come at around AED 800k. 

Again, you can consider buying a 3-bedroom townhouse for sale in the community. And, that can cost between AED 1.1 M and AED 2.0 M.

Popular Neighborhoods in Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer is under construction, however certain sub-communities have been built, including Al Khaleej Village and Al Waha. Al Khaleej Village provides the most housing possibilities, ranging from apartment complexes to villas and townhouses. Al Waha contains a number of apartment complexes with business space on the ground floor. If you are seeking for areas in Al Ghadeer to buy property, these two can be among the top two alternatives.

Public Transportation and parking facilities in Al Ghadeer

While you are in Al Ghadeer, parking will not be a problem for you, as there are many parking spaces in the residential areas. 

There are reserved parking spaces in the apartment buildings. Moreover, separate parking spaces are also available in villas and townhouses.

The community’s transportation system has created news in recent months, with the announcement that Al Ghadeer will be home to the first supersonic transport after a deal was finalized between Aldar and US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. It is a frictionless technology that allows riders to travel at speeds of up to 1,200 kph. Once completed, travelers will have an easy transit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi at a low cost. Until then, taxis or private automobiles are recommended because Al Ghadeer is located a significant distance from the districts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Shopping Facilities in Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer has dedicated retail spaces on ground floors of Al Waha and Sabil apartment zones. In addition, there is also a supermarket, called Al Ghadeer Baqala, in Al Ghadeer where you can shop for daily items.

However, there are no shopping malls in Al Ghadeer but you can go to the Ibn Battuta Mall, 30 minutes away. Also, there is the Outlet Village, a new shopping mall at a 20-minute driving distance. 

Also, you can go to Sapphire Mall in Dubai Industrial City, away by a 10-minute drive.

Worshiping Facilities 

Al Ghadeer Masjid is the community mosque in Al Ghadeer. There are hitherto no churches or Hindu temples in the community, but residents can visit St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara in Jebel Ali, which is about a half-hour drive away.

Educational Facilities Near Al Ghadeer

There is no school in the community. So, you will have to send your kid to a school outside Al Ghadeer. However, a new school is coming up in the community. The school –Al Ghadeer International School–will offer the British curriculum and the capacity will be around 1,500 students. 

Also, the British Oak Montessori Nursery has been functioning in the Waha Building. 

Healthcare Facilities 

In Al Ghadeer, a newly established pharmacy–Medicina Pharmacy–offers all kinds of medicines. However, there are no hospitals in the community. The nearest hospital is is the NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai Investment Park, around 25 minutes away.

Nearby Areas

Downtown Jebel Ali and Dubai World Central, the commercial heart of the city, are both nearby areas. Al Ghadeer Community is also adjacent to Dubai Waterfront and Technology Park. The Abu Dhabi neighborhood of Ghantoot is also near Al Ghadeer.

Eating Outlets

In Al Ghadeer, restaurants are in a developing stage. But, you will find coffee shops to enjoy coffee in the neighborhood. The notable coffee shops in the community are:

  • New Creek Restaurant
  • Metro Falcon Restaurant
  • San Marco Restaurant
  • Maruf Desert Cafeteria

Leisure Activities in and Around Al Ghadeer

In Al Ghadeer, you will find more parks rather than beaches. 

If you are interested in enjoying beaches, you can reach one from Al Ghadeer in around 50 minutes. If you want to go for a sea-side picnic, you can go to the Banan beach. 

There can also be the option of going to the Saadiyat Beach Club in Saadiyat Island. In the public beach in Jumeirah, there is a popular picnic spot with a BBQ area and playground.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road leads directly to Al Ghadeer. A 12-minute drive away is Last Exit, a themed food-truck park. 

You can also access the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club. While, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a 50-minute drive away, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is only 45 minutes away. Dubai Parks and Resorts are also nearby. It has three theme parks: Legoland, Motiongate, and Bollywood Parks Dubai.

While you are in Al Ghadeer, you will find ample resources for enjoyment. You will find green walkways, and parks with jogging tracks. In addition, there are excellent swimming pools, clubhouses, cafes and a community sports center.

Things to Consider Before Relocating to Al Ghadeer

In spite of several merits in staying in Al Ghadeer, there are a few things to consider before relocating to the community. 

In Al Ghadeer, you will find no community events because it is not yet fully occupied. But, you can expect to see community events in Al Ghadeer, once most of the residential properties are occupied, generating a feeling of a close knit community.

Another thing to look at is the distance of Al Ghadeer from Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s city centers. Due to the distance, it is advisable to have your car before relocating to Al Ghadeer.


Regardless of a few minor inconveniences, Al Ghadeer can be one of the best places to live in Abu Dhabi. There are all sorts of entertainment options and amenities in the community. 

Moreover, the affordability in renting or owning a property for your family in Al Ghadeer makes all the difference. Therefore, it can be a sensible affair for you to consider investing in a property in Al Ghadeer.

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