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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 380 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 424 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Rukan Apartment 424 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 427 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 349 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 425 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


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Dubai > Dubailand Apartment 458 sqft 1 Bathroom 0 Bedroom


197,999 AED

The Essentials of Buying a Property in Dubai

Dubai has become a preferred home for many foreigners. Since the last few years, the foreign population in the city has been in an increasing mode. And the trend is not without reasons.There are solid reasons behind it.

With a luxurious lifestyle, fantastic weather, growing economy, tax-free earnings, and well-developed infrastructure, Dubai has emerged as a popular cosmopolitan destination and a global business hub. Besides, the city has also become an international business hub as it is quick to access critical overseas markets, like Africa, Asia, and the Middle-East, Europe, and the USA.

Foreign professionals and business people from across the globe have enough reasons to buy property in Dubai.

Why Invest in a Property in Dubai?

What is impressive about the vibrant city is the range of accommodation for people to stay without any hassles. With a matured real estate market, you will find the best properties for sale in Dubai.

The reasonably priced property, easy access to the necessary amenities, high-quality of life, and high safety standards are some of the reasons why you should invest in a property in Dubai. Notably, the list of reasons does not end here; there is another reason.

There is a high return on investment from apartments for sale in Dubai, and that means the resale value of properties is relatively high in the city. If you purchase a property in the city and choose to sell it out later, you will not sustain any loss but reap the profits. The real estate industry in the city has a lot to offer to property investors.

Freehold and Leasehold Property in Dubai

Before you finalize buying a property in Dubai, bogging down to the city's attractiveness, it will help if you understand the fundamental difference between freehold and leasehold property. It will help you to make better property purchasing decisions.

In Dubai, the freehold property purchase agreement is when the investor owns both the property and the land on which the property stands.

A leasehold property agreement is when the investor is granted the rights to a property for the long term, usually from 10 to 99 years. You cannot buy a leasehold property but can lease from a UAE or GCC National landlord. When the lease expires, the ownership returns to the landlord.

Types of Properties in Dubai

There are plenty of options for you to invest in a property in Dubai. If you are looking for expensive properties, you can consider a gorgeous villa for sale in Dubai. And your consideration can also extend to duplexes, lofts, and penthouse units.

While there are plenty of houses for sale in Dubai, you can also look for off-plan properties in the city. Off-plan properties are the units that developers sell before building them on a flexible payment plan. As such, such properties are more affordable.

How Can TopLatest Help?

We, at TopLatest, believe that when you can have a single platform for searching a property to buy in Dubai, why go to multiple websites? Curating all the latest properties from leading property websites, TopLatest presents before you a broad range of properties for you to choose to buy, saving you time.

Whenever you search for a property to buy in Dubai, visit TopLatest, select the location, type of property, and price range, and you get it all.

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